Fn2 type r gt project

Hey guys got this car around 6 months ago runs really well lovely gearbox and handling. Pulls well in all gears and feels very reliable. I feel confident in spending my money on her!

I have previously owned an ep3 type r for 4 years. I love these cars. I leaned towards the fn2 this time as its a more refined adult version of the ep3 and when not stock is alot better. Stock the ep3 would win in my opinion.

I'll try and get some pics up of the car.

-It's a milano red 2007 plate had 85k on clocks when I got it now at 89k.

-2 stamps off being fsh.

-GTand all specs & extras

-GP body kit all round & jap plates

-refurbished metallic black 19" rage aloys

Most of a years MOT left.


In the 6 months I have owned her i have accumulated various parts and now next week I am having them Al fitted!
Next month I am then having it remapped on a dyno in person! This will all be done with Ecutek software.

Following parts I have bought so far brand new;

Injen CAI kit
RRC mani
Piper 4-2-1 with gaskets
Piper decat pipe
x2 front shocks
Top mounts and bearings
Eibach lowering springs
Eibach camber bolt kit
Rear caliper refurbishment kit.

After these mods and remap I shall turn to the breaks and maybe some tastefull weight reduction.

Any tips or help, suggestions or advice is greatly appreciated.

I would really like the motor to be in the 230-240bhp bracket for personal gratification however I'm not spending absaloute bank NA as I'd rather a turbo set up if I'm to end up breaking the bank £££

I also believe my next 2 steps after breaks\tyres are fd2 balancer shaft delete kit and cams?
Also of note reason I went pipercross rather than tegiwa or japspeed etc was the drop in out decat, sports cat section without removing the manifold for mots is priceless for myself as I can do it myself!