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Forum Rules

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Forum Rules

This is a basic set of rules that are in place on the forum.

1. Abuse towards other members

This will NOT be tolerated. All posts that fall into this category will be deleted, without warning.

2. Street racing posts

We all know the capabilities of the Honda R range, so no need to brag about it in public. This behaviour is neither endorsed nor condoned on this forum. All posts deemed to be of a street racing nature will be deleted and the offender will receive one warning only. If another post appears the member will be banned.

3. No racist material

Simple really. It’s not big and it’s not clever. Post anything of this nature and you will receive a permanent ban without warning.

4. Not safe for work posts.

NSFW posts are only permitted in the Private Lounge area of the forum. Details about this area, and how to join are located here.

5. Traders

Traders rules can be found here:


Details of how to register as a trader are here:


6. 'Anti police'

There will be zero tolerance regarding this, any name calling (e.g. pigs) will not be tolerated and may result in a ban.

This is a basic set of rules that will be policed by the forum moderators. Apart from where mentioned above, the offenders will receive a warning from an administrator or moderator via PM. Further instances will get you a final warning. If by then you still don’t get the message then you will be banned from the forum.

By signing up to this forum you are agreeing to adhere to the rules, and any other rules that are posted elsewhere on the board. The administrators/moderators may change the rules as they see fit. The administrators/moderators have the right to move/edit/delete any post/topic as they see fit.

While some of these rules may seem harsh, they are in place for the good of the forum and its members.

If you have any questions/queries/comments then please get in touch with an administrator or moderator.

Thanks for reading,

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