FK8 Fuel pump recall

Fuel pump was done earlier today, no issues and all greens on the health check. Lovely smell of petrol in the cabin as mentioned above! Filled up with fuel afterwards and gauge looks fine so hopefully just a one off with the sticky float.
Recall done on mine last week (April 19 car with 12000 miles) whilst it was in getting the A/C condenser changed too.
I had no issues whatsoever before the recall and now i swear it actually takes longer cranking on startup than it did before. Also yesterday the car felt like it 'ran on' ever so slightly (1 second) after switching it off - the revs didn't die as soon as i pressed the start/stop button. No major issues so not really worried but never had this before so will keep an eye on it.
Only very slight smell of petrol in the cabin which, if i hadn't read about on here i probably wouldn't have noticed it! Oh, and special mention again to the great service at Norton Way Letchworth who were great and even waited 15 mins past closing for me to collect as i got stuck at work.