Honda Bulb Sizes/Types

Anybody know the size of the little glove box light on the ep3 2005 thanks haz.
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This has probably been mentioned in this thread somewhere, i don't fancy going through 40 odd pages so I'll just ask. Sorry if it's been asked already....

Looking to get bright white HIDs along with LED side lights.
as well as that I'm also after some LED bulbs for my number plate and interior lighting.

Can anyone point me in the right direction as to where to get them or what types I need please?

I have a 2007 non GT (super lightweight model ;)) fn2.

Thanks and sorry again if it's already been covered!


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Can anyone point me in the right direction as to... ...what types I need please?
Info is all in the first post, but I've quoted it here. Same bulbs on the non-GT and GT with the exception that you'll not have fogs and you'll have halogen bulbs (non-HID). Where you get them from is up to you. I've used AutoBulbsDirect in the past and they gave a good service.

Front Indicator: PY21W / 7507 / BAU15s 21w
Low "Dipped" Beam (Halogen): H7 55w
Low "Dipped" Beam (HID): D2R 35w
High "Full" Beam (Halogen/HID): H1 55w
Position "Side" Light: T10 / W5W / 501 5w
Front Fog light: H11 55w
Side (Mirror) Indicator: Factory LED N/A
Glove box: T5 / 17 2w
Vanity Mirror: Vanity, Fuse bulb 2w
Front Dome: T10 / W5W / 501 5w
Courtesy Light: Factory LED N/A
Footwell (if fitted): Factory LED N/A
Centre Dome: 31mm Festoon 3w
Cargo Light: T10 / W5W / 501 5w
Rear Indicator: T20 / W21W / 7440 21w
Brake/Rear Position(2006~2007): T20 / W21/5W / 7443 / 21w/5w
Rear Position(2008~2011): T10 / W5W / 501 5w
Centre Brake: Factory LED N/A
Licence Plate: T10 / W5W / 501 5w
Reverse Light: T15 / W16W / 921 9w
Rear Fog Light: T20 / W21W / 7440 21w
do i need an adapter to fit hids off eBay, H1 hid kit. Either that or just get some intense blue orsams
I'm sure somebody will correct me if I'm wrong, but as far as I know when you buy the kit, everything that you need to fit them comes with it. Pretty sure you need to modify the inside bulb cover too. But seems straight forward.

I bought some 6k h7 and h1 bulbs from a member on another forum along with LED sidelights. personally love them and give off a really nice bright white and still road and MOT legal!
Yea I'll have to do some more research first. H1 kit for the standard night time driving. Don't fancy modifying the lights if that's the case so may resort to just decent bulbs and led sides
I'm sure it's just drilling a hole in the light casing in order to allow the cables from the kit through. That's in the fn2 anyway. I assume it'll be the same in the ep3.
can anyone confirm the bulb sizes for the center console lights (buttons and air/fan controls) and dash lights (speedo) for pre-facelift EP3?
I've read they are T5 12v 1.5w, are all the bulbs the same size and have any of you replaced with LED bulbs?

hoping someone can answer before I start taking the dash apart

2003 EP3 type r
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