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How to replace a broken bonnet release cable

Today I replaced my broken bonnet release cable on my EP3 civic. Seeing as it's a common problem, I thought it might be useful to other owners to write a step by step guide with photos so please feel free to follow the link below if you want to replace the cable yourself:


Good evening! Some nice pics above, but I'm falling at the first hurdle because I can't get the trim cover off!
I can get the trim away from the sill side and prise it away so that I can see the bonnet release cable end bracket, but I can see no way of completely removing the trim without breaking something. There are no visible push pin clips etc. There is a hole in the trim towards the bulkhead but inside I can just feel a bit of bendy plastic.
Can anyone tell me what I am missing?
It looks to me as if, having got the trim off and unbolted the mounting bracket for the cable, it should be pretty simple to use either a left or right type replacement release knob.
Thank you Flashy. I got a bit braver and found that it actually needs to be released from the sill side and then pulled back towards the rear of the car a bit. That releases the captive clips without breaking them. Alloy Bodge Replacement ordered.
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Alloy bodge fitted. The whole job was much easier if the cable end support bracket was removed from the sidewall of the footwell. I found the easiest way to trim off the old plastic on the cable end, was to use a junior hack saw. Otherwise entirely straightforward.