Mark's Championship White FK8 GT

Hi all,

Apologies for the delay..was struggling to post the pics recently O:)

Picked the new car up on 30th Jan :D

The Black Edition we traded in has already sold :eek:

Mugen Carbon Fibre Shifter already fitted:cool:

Car was back in @ Honda (9am this morning) to have a stone removed that was stuck between the offside front brake disc & shield #-o

Had already managed to remove one stone myself but this one was particularly stubborn & required the Honda Tech to remove the wheel,Brembo caliper & disc :shock:

Had been squealing away whilst reversing & manoevering & was beginning to really pi$$ me off...mostly because it was wearing a groove into the rear face of the disc :!:

All done "Free Of Charge" while we had a coffee :smt023

Kept it as a edge is like a polished gemstone :lol:
2 weeks...............& have covered a massive 200 miles :lol:
Am pretty much in the same ballpark!!! Other than my trusty Fit, which this household uses for the regular daily short jaunts, once the CTR arrives, will be going for quality mileage. My measuring stick is minimum 30 miles (not in traffic). Enough to heat up the oil and de-condensate the complete exhaust system.
CTR's look perfect in C. White! My choice except my 4 sons bugged me to get B.Blue instead. They'll eventually will inherit it so decided to give in. LOL!!!
Orange MX5 is so attractive!
Wash & vacuum today in my secure (8ft locked metal fence around it) zombie free unused garage block area :p

I went a bit overboard with the pics :lol:

Only mod being the genuine Mugen Carbon Fibre Shift Knob 8)

Excuse the scaffolding on the house,roof has now been replaced & scaffolding should be gone soon :D

Properly run in now then. I’m on about 370ish and don’t have much of an opportunity to add more right now. It’s killing me not yet being able to experience the full power. Gradually squeezing the throttle to half way up to 4K is about as crazy as it gets for me right now but even short shifting the torque is incredible coming from the FN2.
Eager to see what it’s like above 4K now!
This quote of mine is taken from another forum I frequent on Feb 21st...

MARKTHOMASBRAND post_id=1252561 time=1582300445 user_id=14541 said:
Weather has been dire here since getting the new car ](*,)

Bear in mind this is civic #8 for us so I'm used to Hondas - forgive me if I haven't been jumping up & down with excitement & writing countless reviews :p

Not rained once today so I opened the bonnet for the first time on the FK8 :D

More just to have a look around than anything but checked the oil whilst under there...although I already knew what the outcome of that would be...clean as a whistle & full :smt023

There's a full tank of Momentum99 waiting to be used & the car has 270 miles under it's belt :whistle

Roads are almost dry,I have the day off,& the drive is finished so I head out & get the car up to temp,I've been taking it so easy since the 30th Jan - keeping the revs down,gentle braking etc,etc,but it's been 3 weeks & I'm like...

"Alrighty then let's feckin' well have it !"

So have it we did :twisted:

You will scare yourself silly if you give it the beans on a deserted country lane as I did :lol:
It's just better at pretty much everything really :p

I'm just about used to how ugly it is now too :lol:

You know you want one :whistle