Replacing the OEM Sat-Nav screen for the non Sat-Nav screen version.


As the title above suggests, i'm trying to remove my Honda OEM Sat nav screen and clock/radio/temp display. For the non SAT- Nav version.
So i can fit a double din unit as the the OG nav unit is a bit long in the tooth now.

Anyway, i don't seem to be having any luck. I have a replacement screen it will power on, but the display is garbage. I know there are issues with the solder on the pins from what i have read, but i went to a breakers today and tried about 4 different units, none of which would display correctly.

This leads me to think that the issue is with the wiring on my car, or rather that the wiring of the SAT-NAV version is incompatible with a non SAT-NAV screen.

SO my question is, does anyone know if the wiring loom for the SAT-nav and non SAT-nav are different? and what would i need to make this work please? If anyone knows or could point me in the right direction i'd appreciate it greatly. I'll put some pictures in to hopefully explain a bit better, quality isn't great apologies. So much for my hopes of plug and play.

In the pictures you can see the end of my loom connector and the result on the second hand screen.