Rev indicators

I’ve not long had my car. And I’m slowly finding things out almost daily.
I’ve set my clock interface to show up the digital Rev counter.
When I start the engine it does it’s thing. Which I think looks so cool.
But when I’m actually driving it doesn’t glow at all. Green-amber-Red
I’ve asked my dealer about this. And he tells me it only works when I’m right up high in the revs, and it indicates when it’s the optimum time to change gear. But seeing as I’m still breaking her in gradually. Only 400+ miles up to now. I’m reluctant to Rev it too hard to see if he’s right.
Is this the case. Or should I be seeing it working from the moment it’s activated
Regards GTEC
Thanks Dave.
That’s another question answered.
I’m pretty sure there’ll be more to come.
It’s a shame they only work like that.
I’d like to see it working most of the time without having to take it to the red line
Blind Regards G
I think they all work like that to be honest. The only other car I had with one of these was the FN2 and they only came on at the top. I think it’s purpose is more to let you know shortly before the shift rather than be lit all the time. Certainly for the LED type indicator I’d imagine it would be quite distracting if on all the time. It’s less of a problem being a digital display on the FK8 but I also think it’s less effective. I’d still rather a separate LED cluster I think