Suspension Part Numbers

Hi All,

I'm looking to go from a coilover setup back to a standard shock/bilsteins, with lowering springs.

Being on coilovers, I don't have any top mounts etc.

Now buying the shock and springs is easy, and I can get top mounts with bearings, for the fronts, and the rear top mounts easy enough. The bit I'm struggling with is any of the other bits. The front for example, the top spring seat, I guess this doesn't come with top mounts? I tried speaking to the likes of Cox, but at the moment they are skeleton staff, so can't deal with non essential enquiries, and Honda don't do fully built up shocks anymore.

Does anybody have a list of the part numbers?

The other option is to buy some second hand shock assemblies, but I did want to go all new if possible.

Was having a look through the above to see the price of FN2 struts front & rear. Should I take the prices with a pinch of salt Wilmo?

£121.20 for fronts & rears....

Cox are asking £248 for one rear shock. That's what their website implies because it shows an image of just the shock absorber, and no other parts. Can't believe that.
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Yes the Honda price is £248!!!!!

The same shock from Sachs who make them for Honda is £150 something from ECP and about £75 from Autodoc.
Rip off Britain?

I only use that website to get part numbers and understand how things fit together. Never tried buying from it.
Sachs Rear Shocks @ECP at the moment are £153 list, but they have a deal on which makes a pair of Sachs rear shocks £200 +some pennies.

Are there any pitfalls buying these from eurocarparts? I don't see any matching part numbers (how do you check?), so I guess I'll just have to go with what they say.