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Vibration between 60-75mph

On my FN2 there is a vibration between 60-75mph. Its very minor most of the time but its really noticeable under hard acceleration. Do you think this could be the wheels need balancing? I have rotated the wheels front to back to see how that affected it and I think this made the vibration slightly better but hard to say for sure. I know it wouldn't be expensive but just hoping not to waste a few quid getting wheels balanced if that isn't going to be the issue.
I got the wheels balanced but made no difference. So I'm suspecting its drive train related. As this vibration is only between 60mph and 75mph when under full throttle regardless of what gear I'm in I don't think its gearbox related. I have taken a look at the driveshafts and they appear to be pretty solid with no play and the cv boots look fine. I have read that if they the drive shafts are bent it could cause something like this, they look straight to me but I'm guessing that the deformation to cause a vibration wouldn't be visible to the naked eye anyway. As its not rev related I don't think its linked to the engine or flywheel etc. No vibration when braking so ruling that out. The only thing I can think is its drive shaft related.
What tyres and how old? In most cases it's wheel balancing or related o tyres.
Kumho Ecsta PS71 they are at the very end of life.

I got them balanced to prove its wasn't tyre related, is this not the case? I thought that no matter how worn they were a re balance would sort it. I'm just reluctant to buy a new set to find out the vibration is caused by something more serious.
OK, as an update, just had the MOT done and they flagged one 'Road wheel slightly distorted'. There is obviously a good chance that this could be the issue. Would this not have meant that the wheel balancing couldn't be done? I did see the machine when they did the balancing and that said 'OK'.

How would I go about checking if this is the cause of the issue? Would most (or any) tyre places be able to do a check for this this? All I can do at home is try swapping the affected wheel with the space saver and see if that makes a difference, main issue being is that its only noticeable above the allowable speeds for the space saver.

On visual inspection the wheel look fine, as I'm guessing it does even when distorted enough to cause an issue.
I have now been able to take more of a look at the wheels. The one that was flagged as distorted in the MOT has a big dent on the inside edge, originally I said it looked fine because it does from the outside, I could only see the distortion by jacking up the car getting under and spinning the wheel. So I swapped it for the space saver and the judder pretty much went away, there is still a slight judder but only really noticeable if you are actively looking for it, I suspect there is a very minor issue with one of the other wheels. So I thought I had found the issue and the bent wheel is at fault, but just to make sure I put the bad wheel back on and put the space saver on the other side taking off a 'good' wheel, but when test test driving the issue didn't come back. Suggesting that the solution is just to have a the space saver fitted regardless of which wheel is removed. Now I've put all the normal wheels back on the car and the vibration hasn't really come back. It is there but not that bad.. Like the wheels have seen the space saver and realise they may get swapped at any point so are now behaving themselves. So I'm guessing that there are multiple wheels causing an issue and when the issues are 'in phase' the judder is pretty bad. Really strange though as I have swapped wheels around on the car loads and the issue has stayed pretty constant.

Where should I go from here? I could try and get a wheel off ebay see if that helps, but no guarantee that the one I'm buying isn't also buckled. Or maybe I could send off the wheels for refurb, I have seen they can sort buckled wheels, I'm not really bothered by aesthetics of the wheels and with wheel refurb companies their main gaol is to make the wheels look good and can sort any buckling in the process which means I could be paying a fair amount. Any suggestions of companies? Or I could go for new after market (cheap as poss) set of alloys?