FK8 Water in Light

Hi Guys

While washing the car at the weekend - I noticed a load of either Rusty, or Dirty Water, in the small light that is above the wheel:


I noticed it just as I started to was the car - so I assume it has been in there for a while, as it hasn't rained here for a few days, and prior to that we had the snow.

Any ideas how water could of got in there? and how simple is it, to access that, to possibly pop the light cover off, and get the water out? I assume the seal has gone, so some form of replacement would be required - anyone had any similar experience/issues?

I’ve noticed dirt that you can’t remove thats visible around the edges that’s annoying but mine aren’t leaking yet. There must be better aftermarket ones.
Thanks Wilmo, I found one guy had the exact issue. And i have purchased some smoked side lights (Housings only) to see what they are like.
Just need to suss how to get them out now