FN2 Wheels refresh in black or gun metal, what to do with hubcap?


Wheels on my car are due a refresh, they came fairly badly curbed and there are bubbles starting to appear. Given mine goes on the track allot and are semi permanently covered in black break dust, thinking of going a dark colour, but not sure how to deal with the hub caps. Mine didn't have standard ones, it had copies (probs from Ebay) one of which has fallen off already. Was thinking of contacting my local dealer and seeing how much a genuine set would cost.

SAM_0037 (Mobile).JPG

I assume the caps are the same size as the rage ones, so potentially I could get the caps from Honda for the rage ones as a spare and try to match the rage colour, which I understand came in a black colour too, but not sure if it was painted black gloss or an anodised gun metal type colour like the picture.

Think they look pretty good in gun metal?

Any advice?

i'd go with matching the wheels, you can get the red H decals on ebay I think.

No FN2 on Cox website but this page gives you an idea of the genuine part cost: https://www.coxmotorparts.co.uk/?s=centres&post_type=product
£50 for a set of plastic caps. Crazy.

They've got fake ones on Ebay, but the Honda badge is slightly off (probably so they can't get done for copyright) and the colour is weird, looks cheap and nasty.

I managed to track down a set of gun metal ones which have the centre caps painted with new decals on FB market place with a set of Avon track tyres on for £350.

Would cost me £280 to get mine sand blasted and painted anyway, so I'm going to buy those. Then see if I can sand mine and paint them myself and sell them to re-coop some of my investment.

Thanks for reply, Wilmo!
I had my wheels refurbed and got a set of centers from amazon and they are perfect, a fraction of the price and almost impossible to tell the difference from the genuine ones.
@GirlRacer - Nice. I found them, they do look good.

I've decided to get a set of wheels from FBMP which are already refurb'd/painted, they're not gun metal as I wanted, but a dark grey, but still think they look good, they've painted the hub caps too, but not replaced the decal, which is painted on OEM caps.

I've just contacted one of the eBay vendors that has the most authentic looking 'H' logo decal with no background, and he says they're only good for 90 degrees heat, I have no idea how hot my brakes get, but I'm sure hotter than that :D I guess the worst that can happen is the melt or fall off if I try them.

Alternatively leave them with no h on the cap, I do want it to have that resto-mod look really, as close to standard as possible. I wonder if any of the wheel refurbish places paint them on? Might pop in and ask my local one.

Alternative I getting silver ones from amazon and having them slightly miss match, but think that might look a bit sh*t.

Perhaps best to leave them with nothing on...

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