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Just joined the forum in advance of collecting a pre-facelift '01 Dc5 Type R in May.

My main reason for joining at this time is that I've had some frankly ridiculous insurance quotes (to my mind at least). I'm 30 years old, couple of years no claims and the best I've had so far is just over 800 quid with Admiral with my other half and my Dad as named drivers. What was strange here is that it was actually more expensive with just me on the policy (how'd they work that one out?!).

Anyway I had been hoping for something a bit more reasonable. Before buying the Dc5 I had a look at WRX's and 350z's, both of which i could get quotes for under 600 fully comp. I know imports can carry a premium over domestic models, but a little Honda hatchback with an NA 2 litre should surely be less expensive than a near 300hp rear-wheel drive V6 Nissan.

One of the suggestions was to join an owners club/forum as insurers can view that favourably, so here I am. But any advice or if anyone has had a relatable experience with insurers, get in touch.

Welcome mate.

Your dad is probably lower risk due to his age and as an insured driver they assume he will be driving it a certain percentage of the time hence the lower price with him than without.

I only just got my UK EP3 Type r down from 704 at renewal to 488 using this guide:


I switch using the same guidelines pretty much every year and never failed to make a saving yet. Not as many options with an import but there will still be some.

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