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Thread: Engine Startup Misfire?

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    Default Engine Startup Misfire?

    Hey guys,

    My DC5R has recently been engine swapped with a k20a2 (stock engine). And recently it's been starting up a little bit rough. It takes a bit longer to crank up and start the car after it's been sitting for 30 mins+ and worse on a cold start.

    - Longer to crank
    - The engine misfires until it hits the initial idle RPM on cold start (around 2000 RPM)
    - The RPMs doesn't go up quickly and smoothly to the cold start RPM (It jumps from 300-600-900...all the way to 2000)
    - Once the RPM reaches 2000 its stable.
    - The engine warms up normally and smoothly all the way down to ~900 RPM
    - No error codes, no engine light on.

    Once it's warmed up, if you turn it back off and then on again, it starts up smoothly and goes to 900 RPM straight away.

    Took it to the garage and they've cleaned the spark plugs, fuel injectors and did valve clearances. The compression is somewhat consistent on all 4 cylinders (215,215,190,215). It started up find for a few days and now it's back to rough starts and I feel like it's getting worse.

    Thoughts guys?


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    190 compared to 215 is a 12% drop, that seems significant. If it were single digit percentages I might not be worried but that feels like a big number.
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    This^ 190 is not great. In that cylinder I would first be changing spark plugs and coil pack. Then from there be looking at at possible worn piston ring.


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