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Thread: Hot Type R fn2 brake callipers and discs

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    Default Hot Type R fn2 brake callipers and discs

    Hello all,
    First time poster, so go easy Recently bought myself a fn2 and noticed the passenger calliper was sticking and the calliper was super hot after a drive. Pads have plenty of life in them although the discs have the common lips around the bottom but are still in good usable condition. Decided to replace both callipers with refurbished genuine Honda ones with new pistons, sliders seals etc and took the car for a hard drive. The new callipers and discs were both super hot after the drive although I was braking excessively to test them. I decided to them replace both rubber flexi brake pipes are they can collapse within and not allow fluid to return after lifting off the brake pedal and keep the piston out potentially still having the brakes on. Again I took the car for a drive with some excessive breaking and again the callipers and disc felt super warm. When I drive the car and break normally / occasionally the calliper and disc still feel warm. I'm starting to lose the will to live with this and looking for some advice. I believe the front callipers are a weak point of the fn2 as have heard a few people having issues with them. Any advice what I should try next? I guess the only other things to change would be the discs and pads or master cylinder, just don't want to keep buying parts needlessly changing out?


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    How old is the brake fluid? Are the brakes actually binding still? I had a stuck caliper on my fn2 and it smelt very strong, the disc went a very purple colour too.
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    As you’ve said really, the brakes are a weak point. I was never happy with mine. A good test for binding brakes is to find a slight slope and check the car rolls down it freely. If that’s the case your setup is fine which I expect it is if you’ve installed new calipers.
    Heat in the brakes is quite normal, it’s just how well this is managed which you’ll feel through the pedal. I’d say if you have decent fluid that’s all you can do on your standard setup. Next step is forking out on a BBK which isn’t cheap.

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    How hot is hot?

    If your caliper is truly stuck you won't be able to touch the wheel let alone the caliper.
    Brakes will get hot if you brake hard repeatedly over a short period!

    How do they feel after a quick drive around town for a couple of miles?
    If you can touch the caliper you don't have a problem.
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