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Thread: Advice on keeping your car safe

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    Quote Originally Posted by anglia105 & a type R View Post
    I had a driveway post delivered today, for the sake of 90 it is quite a good investment and is another thing that will deter the opportunist. Going to install it this weekend then see if it will lower my insurance.
    I once had my racing trailer nicked, and whereas that was just a crappy 500 trailer, i know how much it got to me, so don't want to take a chance with my car. Though my wife says I'm paranoid. But then she wasn't raised on a council estate, so she thinks crime is a myth i think.
    As you say for the sake of 90 at least it will give you peace of mind.

    Or have you considered a snap on/off steering wheel boss? I'm not clued up on price etc or whether you need an after market steering wheel for it to work, but could be worth a look!

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    I'm thinking of going for this one myself
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    Does anyone have any experience with "OBD Portector" https://www.obdportector.com it looks like a decent bit of kit would think between that and a Faraday bag you're pretty safe from opportunist thieves.

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