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Thread: Pre-facelift to Facelift Headlight Conversion

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    does anyone know why the full beam light indicated on the dash is on after you have turned the lights and the car off? It's no big deal you just have to turn the full beams on and off again, just a bit annoying!

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    I still dont get it... :/
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    I would like to do this to my pre facelift but the wiring still confuses me....

    Could i not use this:


    These headlights come with H4 harness and I've asked them if they just sell the harness which they dont.

    Could anyone make a harness and sell me one?

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    Default Type r ep3

    What did you do with regards to the wiring ?
    i have changed the lights from pre facelift to facelift but I'm having issues with the bulbs, they need to be the size of h1 bulbs, but h1 bulbs won't go in the preface lift wiring as they are h4 (3pin connector)
    Did you chop off the wires going into the h4 connector and wire h1 connectors or did you
    manage to do something else?

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    Hi people, done this conversion at the weekend and just can not concore the wiring my problem is i cut both original connectors off and i've miss placed the orignal drivers side one.

    Im in desperate hope one of you guys can pop out to your car and tell me what colour wire goes were on the drivers side. I currently have a 2002 Type R encase any off the looms are different.

    Ive attached an edited photo of the original wiring diagram the OP put up and labelled them 1,2 & 3 im hoping someone can tell me what colors they have going to each pin on that connector.

    The colours i have coming out the original loom are: Solid red, Red with a white strip and Red with a blue strip.

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    If i wanted to go the other way and go facelift to pre facelift as i liked this prefacelift with facelift bumper, if i buy lights with plugs do i just have to wire the headlights live from dipped beam harness, ground from dipped beam harness and ground from high beam harness?Does it matter which harness i take the live from and do i need to get rid of any wires or am i completely wrong? thanks.

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