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  • might be a stubid question but will you get my address through paypal or will i have to pm you it, sorry but a bit of a newby to pay pal and all that
    been told your the man to see about some TRO stickers for the rear windows. looking for 3. how much are they? u take paypal?
    Hi mook, can i order 4 Type R owners decals for the exterior.
    How much will this be and whats your paypal?
    Cheers Josh!
    Hi Mook, i would like to order a pair of exterior Type r owners decals please, how do i go about paying you? paypal? Thanks Dan
    hello mook, can i get some red honda decals from you for the alloys? if so how much. thanks
    Hi, i was asking on the forum about the type r owners stickers, and they said your the person i need to speak to??
    Thanks, Danny
    Hi Mook,

    Small world..

    IT's Andy stewart - bumped inot you a few times at japspeed a few years back, when i had a little rover -


    Then swapped it for a Focus ST


    Now ive gone jap and bought a new type r GT in black -pick it up this week.

    Might be hitting you up for a dash makeover if you still do them!

    Your new ride looks sweet, hope this message finds you well,

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