A basic guide to foaming.

Deeper Detail

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Magifoam is the best snow I've used and cleans quite well compared to others too. The dwell is the best I've come across, getting close to 30 mins on a dirty unprotected car.
Foaming - A pre wash. Can be used to do a number of things:-

- Pre wash the car
- Strip the car of any LSP
- Allow a touch less wash (sometimes)
- Look good :D

Tools required

- Pressure washer
- Foam lance
- Shampoo / foam
- A hose with a hose lock connection
- Tap !
- Knowledge

Pressure Washer (PW)

As with most things, you buy cheap, you buy twice. :(

Saying that though, the cheaper ones are good enough for personal use, and can last years. A cheap PW will produce good foam.

I find the following place a very good site to buy them from, re manufactured, but top quality with good service.

Discount den

I find this one pretty perfect for budget, at £57.99, with free delivery, it produces good foam, at a great price.

There are loads about. A Karcher will give you an easier life in getting replacement parts, and a lance fitting.

Foam Lance

A number of traders available, don't bother with the Karcher ones, they're w@nk, but here's a few to choose from (All basicly the same) :-

I went for the cleanyourcar one.

Make sure you order the right lance for your PW, ie, Karcher fitment for Karcher, Bosch for Bosch, etc

Shampoo / Foam

Basicly, most shampoos will foam up nicely. A lot of them offer different jobs.

Here's a quick run down:-

Duragloss 901 - Very slick, lots of foam, not too much cleaning.
Valet Pro PH neutral - Medium cleaning, high foam
Bilt Hmaber surfex, or auto foam - preclaimed as the highest cleaner available, high foam.
Meguiars Hyperwash - High foam, average cleaning, great VFM.

You can also mix Citrus degreaser, All purpose cleaners, etc to aid cleaning / strip LSP.

My personal favourite is Duragloss 901.

Remember, the better protected the car is, the better cleaning will be via the foam.


It may sound daft, but the set up is as follows:-

Plug in the PW, use an extention if required.
Click the hose onto the PW
Make sure the gun is attatched nice and tight
Turn on water and plug.


You will need to refer to the instructions. But basicly, a 'drop or two' or product (1 cm ish) will normally be adquate. Then fill almost full with warm water

Attatch Lance to the gun, push in, twist, and it's on.

Turn everything on and fire it up. You won't need to turn the foam nozzle up high at all, in fact, it effects the foam in a poor way!

Keep playing until you get it right.

Enjoy yourselves!

Also, if you're on a very tight budget, you can use a superspray bottle. Does work well, requires no PW, and is cheap.
Simply put a cm in the bottom, with shampoo, and top up with warm water. Attatch to hose, and spray.


Hope that helps.
Great post mate ,

Any ideas on best place to buy duraglos 901

I have a Karcher pw, but i bought my snow foam lance from Autobrite direct, which came with 5L of snowfoam, which im nearly through with and im going to try, Autofinesse Avalanche as it has a citrus based additive in with it, so no need to prewash first.
In the bottle that is attached to your lance, I put no more than 2 inch of snowfoam and top up with warm water. And my dial is set to where it is fully clockwise position with the least amount of water coming through and it's nice and thick, don't forget DO NOT rinse the car first otherwise the snowfoam won't stick and will just drip right off.
I have some snow foam but haven't used it that much because I couldn't get to grips with it. I have a Karcher PW and use 100% foam solution but its still really watery.
Someone please help me sort out this issue
Cheers Carld. Mind doesnt come out at a high pressure, does yours? Does that help it foam up when it comes out under pressure?
Yes buddy, my karcher is a standard high pressure washer, thats were you probably having the issue. And it comes out just like on the link, nice and thick,.
Thanks to everyone who posted here, still useful today for me as I just realised my parents have a pressure washer so why aren't I foaming.