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  • generic scam, hence why no phone number and 2K underpriced, in fake "good" area. email to them = 419 response.
    Christ knows what's happened re photobucket. I think I must have exceeded my bandwidth. All happened after making a sodding thread on AVForum
    Thanks for the info will start looking into it.

    I live in Sittingbourne/Bobbing Kent.

    Picking it up tomorrow and can't wait to give it a good clean, getting the car has been a long time coming!

    Thanks again

    Hi Joe,

    Just a quick question, Im picking up my Satin silver '03 plate CTR on wednesday and was wondering which products you use and where you would recommend to buy the them?

    Im after something to use as a polish/wax in a bottle after a just a wash and maybe something like a a wax/polish/sealer for something when I have more time on my hands.

    As you can tell I'm new to this level of car care so would'nt want some "20 stage" stuff but would like a point in the right direction about what to use at each stage.

    I've come over from ZSOC as was recommended to by Ben (Hatton) and Lee (spacemonkey) and have heard good things about Dodo juice etc?

    Any help would be greatly appreciated

    I was swaying more towards a Siebon styled one, as I could just get mine wrapped in CF and no-one would know. Cheers for the link though dude, good to see you're thinking about me lol.
    Hello mate, yeah i have been a few time, 6 now and planning the 7th for next year sometime, why's that mate, need some advice?
    Blimey, ok then mate I will give it a try. I suppose everyone starts with a bit of trial and error lol.
    That's ok mate, I assumed you were stuffing your face somewhere hot anyway lol.
    How much would I need, whenever I read through DW people allways have a different size in their hand and it confuses me. Ok spares sound good, I'm sure I can get an air-tight tub for a few pennies somewhere.

    I have just had my Bilt and Hamber clay delivered, do I cut the clay up and use it in bits and then launch the dirty bit or do I keep it? lol. You're the resident valet guru, so I need some advice lol.

    Cheers dude
    Ha, just notice that you replied to me on your own wall !!! Wally :lol: .

    Yeah, Santa Pod seems years ago now.

    I'd like to pop up, but its bare missions, maybe something before JAE, but its a long way to come without anyother reason bar haveing a clean up :lol: .

    Not fancing JAE this year?? Its a great laugh mate and could quite possibly drum up quite a bit of business for you.
    yeah would love to mate. is the santa pod one on that i went to last year? still fancy nipping up some time?
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