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  • I was only thinking of just seeing the sites, no shopping, just experiencing it. £1,000 is too much for this year, so it will have to be another time! Thanks for your advice :)
    All depends on what you go for mate as far as hotel rate goes. You are looking at around £1000 per person. You will not regret a penny of it though, it is truly the most amazing place i have ever been. You need to plan well ahead though as you will find 4 days goes in the blink of an eye. Check out the New York thread as a few of the guys on here have been you should get some great ideas from it.
    Yo. Yeah I was thinking perhaps a few days out there, I want to see the world and thought 3-4 days in NY would be cool. Price?
    Hi NYA,

    Glad to say the CAI is running lovely now!

    I was just wondering, are you actually a new york addict, ie, you go alot...?
    Sorry mate, wasn't awake this morning :lol: No she was "Marie" Tromans, don't know what she is up to now though, has been a fair few years since i went back to the midlands, thank christ, it's a shithole :lol:
    Ha, Ha, no, is that the girl that used to flash you wth no knickers and DD's in Science??

    Maria Tromans????
    alright matey boy, all signed up now, im going down Honda garage on thursday to chat about EP3's...
    Helllo mate, thanks for the comment, the paint is a Vauxhall color called Moonstone Grey, i got it from Halfrauds. Stripped and painted the wheels myself, pretty easy really. Get them off the car, wash them down, sand them with 240grit wet and dry, then dry them and spray away. 2 coats of paint, and 2 of clear coat, sorted.
    just had a look at your car, i really like the wheels, did you buy the paint yourself and spray them? If so do you mind me asking what the paint is called?

    Do you have any pictures of your car side on?
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