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  • Bananaman,

    can you locate the thread of that members car with wrapped bonnet, and roof I think it was. Silver with FL headlights.

    Cheeky edit.

    There was no price listed. Shame as I wanted those cartridges until you tried to pull this antic.


    Hey mate

    Shame you cant make the Southend Run, will be bare jokes!

    Anyways catch you another time!
    i was rubbish at karting and nearly broke my back after a 3 kart pile up and i was rubbish at paint balling, i got shot in the face up under the mask and the paint was mixed with sweat and dripped down into my eye, proper pj and duncan stuff. my eye was stinging and i lifted my mask and got sent out of the game for it. :lol:
    Good choice, Les Deux Alps is a good resort :)

    I've never heard of that brand before lol, I always use http://www.ellis-brigham.com/ for most of my gear. Most of the brands they sell are the brands you should look at. Best not to skimp out on gear when skiing, if its cheap, then its normally cheap for a reason :P
    good to meet you mate, it's weird knowing how people look and talk in real life :lol:

    i had fun and definitely am coming again and to nando's or where ever.

    later on danga.
    T'was good to meet you Danger200 - definitely had a good laugh man. Food went down a treat - hope you had a decent journey back.

    Must pop down more often. :cool:

    Barnicus wit' the missus sorted. LOL. You're crazy.
    Unfortunately, not been there either, haven't been to Austria many times. That resort looks a lot better, much more ski area and looks to be suited for beginners too :) I think you're heading in the right direction ;) I don't like the major resorts, Lift passes are stupid priced and you have to queue half the time for the lifts. As this is your first time, I guess you don't need masses of km of slopes, so somewhere that is suited to beginners will be good. and if the hotel is good, I'm sure you will have an amazing time :D
    hehe, well, I've never been there so It may be nice area, but the ski area has 10 lifts, and 11 runs. You can ski that in almost a day. So If you can't be transferred to other ski areas, you may get bored of the same runs :p Have you been skiing before or is this your first time?
    Unfortunately not mate, only place I've been to in Austria is Mayrhofen! Although, after a quick search for Rauris, I wouldn't advise going there, unless it links to other resorts as its rather small, infact very small. It also looks fairly low too, which means if the snow hasn't been good, the skiing will be crap. But, saying that, I've not been there :p so best read up on some reviews and see what they say :)
    Hello mate, so you reckon you'll make it to the Wembley meet on Thursday?

    Oh, and in regards to your last message, I actually bought the second set of wheels from TypeRiter (Sunny).

    oh aye of course you were! There was one on CTRO around £80. Adjustable, plasticy, primer etc

    Obviously some rep, but with wrap it would look sound.

    no link. - cba
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