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  • Well, it appears my wheels need rebalancing. Some weights must have fallen off or it's down to my super budget tyres, because over 50mph I get severe wobble. And it's doing my fecking head in, so I dont really fancy travelling for 3 hours with intense steering wobble. It's really fecked me off tbh with you, as I dont really want to be spending out on anything :lol:
    Mono tape deck pahaha. My god that car would actually be able to go in for classic car insurance too. Was it automatic? Could you see it on hydraulics? :lol:

    Second set of wheels, you buy them off ebay? Blimey, nice and sticky then. What colour you go for?

    Nah not yet, I cba to do anything yet :lol: I need to pull my finger out.
    I picked it up and it has sat in my garage lol. Im yet to find a powder coaters or atleast ask my mate if he can spray it......I may possibly ask Halfrauds to mix me up an orange that takes my fancy and try it myself lol. I didnt seem to eager or anything, the lady who I work with hassled me to go get it lol.

    Yeah no news is good news. So what's this about you rolling in a Mitsi Galant, I sort of caught a few posts and you were talking about colours. It was like I was eaves dropping in a way haha.
    That's good then, I bet she's lonely. I would hate to be that far away from my friends and family (not sure if she's closer or not actually lol). Either way you're still in contact, and that's all that matters.

    Not going to lie he sort of sounds like me as I would rather do something fun than unpack. Although I would pull my finger out and get it done and I wouldnt have the cheek to bitch about how untidy the place is :lol:

    How's the car coming along? My JDM RARB has arrived, although it's at work and I have the week off lol. It sort of feels wrong going into work when I'm not supposed to.
    Yeah, well that's what I heard on the TV so don't take it as gospel. But I have allways thought about £15-£20K seems about the right amount for a deposit on a 1/2 bed house (£100-£130k).
    Well she's lucky she did do that then, I be gutted to plough a load of my savings into a property with someone who I then found I couldn't live with. So is he treating her like crap?
    Fortunately me and my gf basically see each other everyday and it's down the gym after work and in the evenings. So you could essentially put us together on the times when we would be at the house together.

    She will do but atleast she's got off her high horse lol. But yeah it's good to keep the peace as you're practically in-laws :lol:
    How is your mum anyway? Have you spoke to your dad recently?
    Part 2

    Yeah, I dont have a problem as I know she doesnt want to rely on her mum and doesnt like the idea of being at home in her twenties, eventhough Im happy to stay at home lol. She's after sharing with her mate (who I have allways clashed with, possible same personality as mine being strong will'd) but I could see Dom turning into a door mat taking aload of crap and doing all the chores. Eventually I would like to move in with her and get a house but I think renting first to see what it's like incase we dont get on, I'm just not ready as I would like more dosh (seeing that they reckon you need a £37k deposit on a house now)

    I suppose, she said I couldnt find anything except some for a grand lol. I explained that I wanted mine refurbed but a different colour :lol: bless her. She probably just werent listening to me when I was talking about it because she is quite intelligent.

    Yeah, you standing infront of it sort of guarding the things poking out, then it just collapses and she's standing there looking unimpressed with you. On a side note, how is it in the house now. Everyone playing nice, her sister got back to alpha status and left you alone?
    I just had a look and posted a comment with regards to your sounds whilst on the track lol.
    Sh!t sorry mate, thought I wrote back. That will be good, lets hope it makes a decent gain for your ammo against the GM boys lol.

    Haha I can imagine this shed bowing at the sides with car parts poking through the slats and stuff lol. So what have you got hidden from her so far?
    My gf is now in move-out mode and is set on renting but on her own, which seems to be quite a big jump BUT it's my birthday in two weeks and she seems to be warming to the fact I will be changing my alloys. Namely her looking for some on ebay but getting the wrong end of the stick and looking for standard wheels for FN2s :lol:
    Maybe one day again? Definitely :twisted:

    Regarding meeting up - 8:30am would be an early start for me, but I could probably make it for that sort of time dude. Like I say all I will need is a bit of notice, and then I can arrange the drop off for ya!
    Awesome... re: Takata's :cool: Have you got seats to feed them through?

    £180's perfect Karl - when would you like me to drop them off for you?

    I'm good to drop off most days bud - I'd just need a day or two's notice - and can pop 'em down.
    Yeah, seeing as you put it that way, cool - I'll meet you at Wheel Works. What did we agree on bud, in terms of price (As in clearing my inbox I have deleted our earlier conversation)?

    I like the idea of deep purple with the Takata Green 'H's :cool:! Can't wait to see them!
    Sorry aobut my Inbox - will clear it out in a bit.

    Wheel Works is about 56miles from me.

    I could meet you there for an extra £15-£20 - I hope that weren't cheeky?

    Thought about the colour for these?

    Party was ok actually, "Uncle Martin, come and play on the trampoline!", Me "I can't I have just eaten, let my food go down a bit first." Kid waits roughly 10seconds then asks me again :lol:
    But yeah we are ok now cheers, she's sort of comes to terms with it. It's horrible to say but if anything now that he has gone it has made things a bit easier. We dont have to worry how he is and stuff.

    That sounds like a right crappy day you had. I'm half glad I didnt come up and meet you under stressful conditions although I could have taken you some food and drink lol. Bet you was bored as hell doing all that on your own. Shame your Uncle didn't leave a key out for you.

    Well I'm glad you got it sorted though and that you are fairly happy with the outcome. I would put some foam or something under the strut so it doesnt rub it away though. Sounds like you will get a very good power increase from it too. You may even shut them GM boys up :lol:
    Cheers dude, yeah it was really hard for both of us, eventhough he wasn't even mine.

    Ahhh that's a bugger, I have a birthday to go to otherwise I would pop up and have a butchers mate. Why are you taking the bumper off anyway, you fitting your induction kit?
    I hate that, I jacked my car up at work and the whole thing rolled forwards off of the Honda jack, but fortunately I hadnt taken off any of the wheels. Plus I also invested in a new jack over the weekend to cheer myself up.

    So when are you starting your new job?
    Unfortunately we had to have my gf's dog put down on Saturday so I didn't really get anything done. Well except for fitting a leather gear gaitor, but it's hit us quite hard so I weren't really up for anything.

    I'm now looking to pay off the majority of my credit card before I start buying again. My car just needs to be brought back up to scratch before I tackle anything else. It feels like the wheels are loose atm so I'm having my mate book me in for a full geo check.

    You get up to anything interesting over the weekend? Get much done on the car?
    :lol: I hate doing that, it's like when I'm sending a text, I write the whole thing out....if I then lose it I give up and cba to write it all again lol.
    I fortunately didn't hold on to them for that long so all I ended up with was losing a finger print off one of my digits and that's about it :lol:

    Well I'm conteplating it now but do I need to replace something called a drop link or two of?

    I'm getting my aircon sorted tomorrow, sorry dude. I need to find out if my condensor is cracked aswell. There's a split between the levels but I'm hoping it's nothing.
    Well this is the thing I have looked at everything and it all seems stiff anf tight like it should be, nothing is loose or wobbling (and yes I did grab my disks after a 15minute journey forgetting that they will be hot) :lol:

    Courtesy car LMFAO they are usually cheap crappy things that have spent their whole life being cained lol. Although that is nice of them to supply you with one and it gives them a chance to take their time with the car rather than rush it. You have to work Sundays in you new job?

    I wanted to purchase a JDM RARB off of James this month but unfortunately last month I managed to spend £300 more than I earnt, whoops!
    Yeah I had a look at the brake kits and they are rather expensive, when I feel the need for that sort of stopping power them I may give them a look :lol:

    Yeah that's a pretty good price then, where's Eurospec based?

    That's a fair amount of work that you have tasked them with. I assume they will have the car for three days?

    Bad news on my front now, after sorting out my brakes this weekend my car has now developed a very intermitent knocking noise. I don't know if it has anything to do with the super budget tyres I have (£40 each :eek:) where the car has felt like it's driving itself or if it's a separate problem.
    Alot of the time it isn't even intentional, when I have had work done a few people thought I knew it needed this and that sorted when doing so and it doubled the bloody price on a few occasions lol.
    They may add some charges as they went out their way to get them in for you OR they get a bit of a discount as they order parts all the time but then charge you list price? That's a fair charge for an hour I suppose, shame it will take them that long. So what jobs have you tasked them with, just the LSD?

    It is indeedy, I spotted a car on her with them and shouted "YES!" :lol: they are £95, think that includes delivery from the Ksport website. I cant really find any reviews on them though.
    Ok mate no worries.

    You're joking, funny how these sort of issues allways crop up afterwards. So what do these things do, hold it in place or something? Is it £100 through them or from a Honda Stealership?
    Oh right so a straight swap job then, that's ok then, no butchering of your gearbox :lol:

    Oh yeah I have found some rear LCAs that are orange, wahoo! :D
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