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  • Hi fella, sorry didn't wb on fbook, I logged on and spent most of the time just ranting and raving about how sh!t we were at the football.

    You never know, I may pop down the gf aswell as she may want to stop by the beach for lunch or something, but I'm not sure yet as I'm fiddling with my car alot atm. It needs aircon regassed, decent tyres fitted, valve clearances AND it's my birthday next month so I'm going to be quite busy mate.

    Sounds like you're onto a winner, what are you waiting on to be delivered now then? I saw that Wavetrac item and it looks a beast. Where does it go? I know in the gearbox but is there a gap for it to be slotted into or do they make it fit?
    Haha I just had a look at how long a "quick pop round" would take and we are looking at an hour and a half just to get to you lol. With the amount of Type Rs I see, it amazing how spread out the members are on here and not many local people to us.

    Yeah makes perfect sense to pay 3 times the amount of normal harnesses for a Takata one :lol: just to match it up with springs lol. Oh right, I thought they were 3 point for some reason. Aren't the belts going through the seat not meant to exceed 45degrees otherwise they aren't as safe?

    Yeah their judgement and the fact it's alot of wonga, is that including labour? Hows the search for top mounts coming?
    Part 2

    Borrow his tools, nice, erm I wouldn't mind helping actually. Whereabouts have you moved to? You dont have to say full details :lol: still Brighton area? My gf is actually going out in Brighton on the p!ss with friends from her uni within the next couple months (I can't actually remember the date, I should really pay attention lol).

    Oh crap yeah, sensible idea then fella. Coilies will be the icing on the cake for your handling wish list. I would imaging that it handles really good as is anyway but still driveable on normal roads. Will you be uprating the clutch at the same time or just OEM standards?
    Part 1

    Yeah sod them then :lol: if they aren't willing to make it worth your while then why would you want to bother?

    Takatas are JDM sex! I actually remeber seeing them in, I think, Tokyo Drift. It is a shame they are green but then again, your Teins are green so they tie in sort of lol. Yeah I forgot about your install actually. :lol: I don't think they would appreciate that, so where are you mounting the harness, the C-pillar belt mount or a C-pillar brace?
    Well I'm not going to lie mate but that sounds like you are going backwards. Is there a chance for you get to higher in the food chain there rather than at Sony? I suppose doing something different is a bonus if you are fed up with it all. But good luck to you, I hope it works out good and you enjoy it there. Plus if you are busy the day will go quicker.

    You got harnesses? What colour are they? I thought about having a set but keeping the rear seats accessible at the same time but I wasn't too sure if that was possible?

    :lol: you do love a bit of colour coding, I'm surprised you haven't tried getting the purple theme into the car (apart from your rear purple-ish JDM mat lol)

    Oh that's crap, I've just read a couple of your threads about how it has all broken/gone wrong, sorry to hear that dude. Any idea of how much it will cost to repair? Personally if you were going for coilies then do it now rather than delaying the inevitable :)
    When I decide whether I want orange bars and braces then I will probably go down that route. I'm thinking orange earthing kit, hoses, brace ends and may have the fuse box cover sprayed.

    :lol: anyway so is there alot that you need to fit or will there be more with the stuff you are waiting on delivery? As it may be worth fitting it all at once?
    I was going to say "dude, I never plan my life that far ahead" BUT I have my mums birthday, my gf's mums birthday (we are going to some horse racing thing) and some other event that I have forgotten about, could possibly be my birthday :lol: I'm not sure though. And I think it's the 1st August I'm attending a rolling road day in Essex, which has been posted here on TRO. Other than that I am free :lol:

    So what made you go for that? Is the money better or the fact it will be closer to where you are living? I'm not going to lie, I bloody hate working in an office. But the perks are constant access to tea/coffe and internet :)
    That's cool, as long as it helped you not to stack it then it's a winner in my books lol. Well that's fair enough, it is a right ball ache wrapping stuff up and spending ages trying to clean the hard to get to parts. If I do fit stuff under there I dont want it getting dirty haha.

    Nah that's not a problem, be cool to meet you too, I expect you will be hiring a trailer for all these bits you have laying around :p :lol:
    Changing jobs? Same company or something completely different?

    Well I bought a Mugen rad cap off Crumb so once that's fitted with coolant hoses and some fresh coolant it should help to keep the temps down a tiny bit, if not, atleast it will look nice.
    That's a point I'm considering a JDM RARB and will want it painted, should I get my mate to spray it up or have it powder coated? I have no idea what the diff is. I will probably purchase that along with a rear tie bar. I have noticed Touge make a couple rear tie bars that look very very similar to the J's.
    Part 2

    Yes my friend don't dwindle on what could have been, focus on what will be :) and it will be awesome, but seriously have a can of redbull unwrap everything and fit the lot lol.
    If not take it all up to your uncles and spend the weekend fitting everything, and if that's the case and he doesn't mind visitors I would be more than happy to help out. But that's a what if and my way of seeing your car and goodies lol. I would assume your getting a garage to fit the lot anyway aren't you?

    I only noticed it was loose when I checked my oil, but the battery hadn't moved or anything so I didn't flap too much lol.
    Part 1

    Sweat bands for jumping? Was you into free running or something? :lol: yeah it is a dirty habit, plus have you ever cleaned the engine bay? I remember some pics you posted and it looks shocking.

    Yeah I just had a look at the SFS website cheers, I wonder if I could pick them up on fleabay. Induction hoses seem to be quite popular but alot cheaper and in the wrong colour though. I may have to check out Samco as they could be cheaper, although Demon Tweeks may whack on a rediculous delivery charge for them.
    Oh yeah, where did you get your purple rad hose from? It's only because I fancy an orange and red theme.
    Yeah it does seem to drop when you are making purchases. I wonder how much you could have saved, actually thinking about it I think it's best not to work it out and get hung up on it. Just look forward to July (maybe, not sure) when everything is sitting there waiting for you to fit it. I bet you still have a few bits lying around to be chucked on? Oh yeah, did you buy those super rare engine socks? Have you fitted your tie bar? Mine keeps coming loose and I cant find my fecking spanner to tighten it up lol.

    Ok ok I will have a search for you later lol.
    Yeah and the worse part is that I can't delete it lol. It's as bad as replying to someone on Fbook and it comes out as your status lol. You dirty dog, you! I see if I can locate any others, never seen a pic with their baps out though, eventhough they have numerous holiday pics with strategically placed hands and cropped photos just above the nips :lol:

    Well they haven't ever used a CTR in the films (or atleast I never saw one in our shape) so I suppose they are probably harder to get to look good. Although I swear there's a Teg tuned to the nuts in the first drag race you see, wouldn't mind that engine in my bay.

    Oh crap yeah I forgot about that graph, so I suppose it doesn't make a huge difference anyway. I just thought have you checked the exchange rate atm low 30s, how crap is that. Was high 140s two months ago.
    Well I'm going to mod my standard airbox anyway (not until I get a new filter, got my eye on one in the for sale section) as I don't fancy any other kit that's affordable. I dont want the AEM CAI as I do drive through country roads everday. I suppose there will allways be an ARC out there for me somewhere someday lol I don't understand how it doesn't suffer heat soak though.

    Oh right so they will be very dotted about then, should look good though. I'm very into getting my car looking more Japanese, so I like this soft of thing. I really want a graphic like Fast and Furious to break the car up a bit but I'm almost certain it will look horrid lol.
    I'm in a bit of a hurry so I will reply properly later on if not tomorrow. But I had to go hunting for this bloody photo lol.

    Oh right, where you planning on sticking them, down the doors or the bonnet? I will say that my friend has a reflective EBC sticker on the side of his Pulsar and it looks seriously aweful, do these look nice? lol.

    Yeah, I have allways wondered if these people have normal sort of office jobs but do this bit on the side to bag an extra few pennies each month.

    Well this is the thing, I don't know whether to whack a K100 on after the whole exhaust system or to wait and see how I feel about breathing mods, obv the GM/Tegiwas/ARC are the big dawgs but I couldn't bring myself to pay that much for one.
    Oh by far I think the J's or the TODA will be best but for what I want I think the Piper will serve it's purpose to my liking :lol: and on my budget. I'm quite friendly with anMOT place (my boss is good friends with them) but if they can't let it slide then I dont think it will be too much hassle for me to arrange to swap the bits over twice, just the PITA factor of it all lol.

    Thought it would be, nymphy by name and nature for sure lol.

    Yeah customers p!ss me off lol. Erm I said something about stickers, running costs, and how much James got from Touge lol.
    I will insert an image when I'm home as I don't do facebook at work, there was one quite recent but it's tame :lol: no tongues or anything...booo! That's shame but atleast you don't have to share lol.

    £870 :shock: well the Piper is £370 as a de-cat, so I will probably stick with that as I'm a skin-flint lol. I'm just stuck between having a de-cat or a sports cat.
    Sports cat = less hassle come MOT time and will pass emissions if I'm stopped.
    Decat = £130 cheaper, more powaaaaaaaa, more noise

    I used to do wish lists all the time although with the Civic I'm just spending loads on keeping it running lol tyres, tax, service, insurance, fuel, a/c regassing, valve clearances, so once all these are sorted I will move onto fiddling lol.
    You mentioned something about stickers though? I'm going to purchase a "Shocker" sticker as they make me laugh and are only a couple quid.

    Yeah I think he would keep that quiet if it did. I wonder if he get's a good bonus out of purchases off this forum?
    :lol: I wouldn't recommend it, unless they are like these twin sisters I know that seem to be snogging in almost every photo of them out clubbing lol. Nice on, I hope it works out though dude, especially with the selling of your house.

    Well anyone can plow loads of money into a car and make it nice but you seem to have figured everything out, sorted a plan etc so alot of work has gone into the car and I respect that, plus the fact the car wont exactly be shouting look at me (maybe the exhaust will be lol) so you're not showing off either.

    I think James afforded his new car down to your purchases :lol: so you probably are one of his best customers.
    Out of interest how much would a J's mani to my existing exhaust cost? I'm looking to get a Piper mani and possible de-cat/sports cat next as it won't affect my insurance but wondered how much extra the J's would cost.
    Yeah by then you may think "Why did I even consider going back with mum" and everyone will be getting along fine. Miserable wench :lol: just keep her buttered up and she will love you, although not too far because you're with her sister lol.

    Yeah I just saw your thread and bloody hell, your credit card people must love you (and J@T :lol:). I'm not going to lie but your car will probably be one of the best on here. Not to mention it's already in the best colour IMO.
    Part 2

    Tbh with you I really want to know what you have got waiting to be delivered and what's waiting to be fitted :lol: so I'm going to go with providing a list and then you can supply photos of said parts prior to their fitting. Mainly because Jermal and the like has guessed a few parts anyway :lol:
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