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  • I fecking new something like this would happen lol I didn't want to say anything because I don't know them personally. But something like this is bound to happen, personally I think it's just teething problems mate. She has to get used to two new people being in the house with her, but she rules the roost per say so she has come back to make sure you know who's boss. I would have flipped though :lol: but I'm a act/say something stupid first then think about my actions after (usually leading to me feeling like a plank and appologising lol). Would you say the house is a bit crowded with all you in it?
    Oh really, that's awesome news. Where's she looking to go? Sounds very nice too, I like the part about having your own space. Good to have a back up if you need it dude lol.
    Yeah it sounds expensive, sounds quite cool though. Does it turn your engine a different colour?

    I see it as extra power for less with a turbo, for example a simple remap of my friends S3 saw a gain of over 50bhp and that cost all of £500 and a trip to Boys Toys (or something similar) in Sarfend. Whereas you want that type of power from an EP3 it's going to cost the best part of £1,000 probably more. Although on Friday I went out with my mate who's selling his MPS and it wasn't that much quicker eventhough it has 260bhp. So after that little stint I had I'm not majorly fussed about b00st y0! lol. So I like your thinking and definately agree with keeping the EP3.

    Although like you said they are great fun. The noise, the feeling, it's faptastic, except my gf hates me driving fast anyway so it rarely happens me putting my foot down lol.

    Hows the whole moving house thing coming along? And how are these new parts that you are keeping secret lol.
    Bloody hell cryogenically treating the engine, what's that for keeping the heat in? Or is it having the whole block stripped like you said but it will be rebuilt stronger with a bit of porting and polishing?
    I see what you mean though, it seems better to do it in the stages that you are doing it, atleast that way you won't get confused with what you are doing and what you want to get next. So all these stages, do you have a wish list for each stage?
    So there is a few years for you keeping it then, are you sure you wont be tempted by b00st y0! lol, I keep find myself looking at 52 plate Scoobys and Focus STs (except they still a bit too much for me)
    Just wanted to let you know that I have posted a date Saturday June 19th for a Kent meet. If we use Stop 24 off the M20 as a meeting point at 11am we can then go off for a coastal run grab some lunch. Can you make the date?
    Oh yeah dont get me wrong, the actual filters themself are brilliant IMO, I swear it's a K&N in the GM or some other kit but dont quote me on that. But after the comments people make I'm too scared to purchase lol.
    Haha buy now worry later, but that's what made your Saxo different. £24k is a rediculous amount of money lol but atleast with the EP3 second hand shizzle can demand decent prices. Can you see yourself keeping this car for a long time? If so, cant you do it in stages rather than buy it all at once and then wait ages to fit it? Obviously, for example suspension, then it would make more sense to buy springs LCAs, tie bars etc in one go to save money and time.
    Lol, sod that everyone who puts them on takes them off. Yeah just squeeky stuff behind the dash and the passenger airbag cover. Does my head in!

    :lol: you do have a point there. Man you need to fit the bloody thing, have you not had a spare day yet? Bet you see it and think hmm that will sound sooo nice when fitted.

    Well I suppose that's what your theme is about, exclusivity, and with that you do pay a premium. And all the stuff you want sounds awesome but dont you think it's too much money? The only other person to spend that much would be G and his car has transformed many times by all accounts.
    There was a discussion started by Hatton about people being like sheep, but alot of it is down to the influence on here. I personally would have had a Typhoon kit by now if it didnt visit this site :lol:
    Ofcourse :) but then again I will allways be craving turbo power, so I will only do basic things until I can make my mind up lol. But the Civic will be with me for atleast another year as it's one of the best cars around IMO apart from the rattly cabin grrr!

    Oh no, not conterfit, I meant in the sense that erm.......ok example, J's racing strut brace lets say £160 or an Etech brace for £70.
    So could you save money by buying other brands that are just as good?

    There's nothing up with mine I just want to do the Hondata mod but if I stuff it up then I've ruined my airbox :lol: so I was after a victim to practice on, and if it works then I will keep it. But that's fair enough mate, I would be the same.

    I have a proposition for you: when you install your new intake could I buy your old airbox off of you? That's obviously providing that you dont want it anymore? I did give Ads an offer on his over a month ago but he hasnt replied to me yet.

    Lol I dont need to know how much you owe fella. I know you have a habbit of spend first think later lol.

    £1700 for brakes, bloody hell lol. Tbh mate the plans you have for your car are awesome but 7.5k, that is a shed load of money. That is house deposit right there. Surely there's some things that you can get for cheaper or a different brand counterpart that does the same thing?
    I want to save to move in with my gf in a couple/few years time so I have to put all my plans for the Civic on hold, not that they were going to bust the bank but I got to think sensible. Along the lines of LCAs (they do look cool), possibly springs, piper mani and sports cat and a K100 remap, but that's around £1500 plus the cost of four decent tyres and some decent front pads for the brakes for when the power is higher.
    I like how their minds work lol or maybe your gf was on your side a bit and conviced her sister that you are doing them a favour by staying there, and financially you will still make them a bit of money by her saying that you dont wash often/eat much etc :lol:
    It's either that or buy a few watering cans and two big buckets. Im right into bargain hunting atm and Wilkos/ASDA have some bargains on things that you can use for car washing. Although I could just imagine turning up at a car wash and seeing you there with sponges, microfibres and a load of polish/wax/glass cleaner lol.

    Personally if I was you I would pay off your credit card if it's alot (over 1500 lets say) if not continue to pay it off bit by bit and buy lots of stuff for the car lol. But you will have to set a limit and dont go silly because you will inevitably be moving again and need the dosh for deposit, mortgage payments, tax, rates etc which could help alot in the first couple of months.
    Talking about spending more than you earn what's this you are after spending 7.5k on your CTR? It's a crazy amount of money but your plans for it are awesome, shame it will all be hidden.

    That's wicked, did she suggest you paid less then or did you go less to test the water? Sounds like a good plan though mate, atleast your car will be cheaper. Will you be moving far away from Brighton?
    :lol: it's good to have a gf will useful features lol., I dont have anywhere to put at hose at my house but down my gf's she has really good water pressure and has a driveway that's ideal to detail your car on lol.
    Yeah man that makes sense.

    How did it go with them reading your offer to them? Yeah estate agents are right tossers sometimes, all they are after is your money and even then you're like wtf are you playing at this is my life you are just brushing to the side lol. So is there any chance your gf's sister will ever move out and just leave you two there? Oh, main question, does it have a driveway for your beast?

    Things have been put on hold with my Civic, I have managed to succsessfully (sp) spend more than I have earned three months running :(
    Blimey sorry for the long reply back.
    That's a right sh!tter with your house mate, why did you sell so soon? Couldn't you have held out? And yeah I've told her that unless she is prepared to keep the house until it makes profit then it's not worth it, plus everyman and his dog does it.
    Tbh mate I would go back with your Mum and if they question you, you can say because your Dad is working away it's a bit of company for her because it sounds like your gf's sis is going to try and rob you lol.

    And do you know what, I have considered an orange rocker cover because I haven't long recieved my Mugen sock covers
    Yeah that makes sense actually, more grip etc so you stop faster lol. Perfect for the track :lol:

    Oh no, that's a bit of bugger. I suppose it's not too bad the way the market is. Was it up for long? My gf loves the idea of getting a house, doing it up and selling......addicted to Grand Designs and Location Location type programmes, as long as I get a bit of Top Gear it's ok lol. So where are you going now then, house with a driveway or with the parents?

    My next in line arrived this morning lol, I got some Mugen reservoir covers which I have wanted for so long now. Just need some orange things to go with them now, shame I didnt get JMR to make my battery tie bar orange actually lol.

    I have been thinking about JAE actually, now I have been to Ford Fair a few times and it's basically walking round looking at cars etc but I dont get what this is exactly. Camping, cars, drinking, cars then home time? lol
    It's just the material they are made from, it's much more "tacky" if you will, and they don't get anywhere near as hot due to better cooling and grooves etc so the brake feel doesn't fade and so forth :)

    They are definately on the list yes, whether they are next I am unsure. Basically I sold my house and was hoping the left over of the returned deposit+profit would let me splurdge on car goodies but I had to (as needed a quick sale) accept 15K below my list price plus throw in all my new bedroom furniture and everything in the kitchen to seal the deal, so my plans have had to change somewhat due to the obvious lack of cash I was expecting to be able to play with :( But I will buy something, to make myself feel better and the like ;) haha

    Have you managed to come up with a 'next in line' for yours yet mate?

    Oh, and what are your thoughts on JAE this year? Am giving it some serious consideration as sounds like a good weekend to attend :)
    Yeah was a great help seeing that I'm so skint lol.

    What makes the two piece Mu discs so special, are they harder wearing or grooved and drilles or something? All together though it sounds like a lethal combo that could make your eyes fall out lol....they next on the list then :lol:
    That's cool mate, good thing I was in a rush this morning and didn't go into the attic and get them then :D haha But nice of your Mum to get those for you

    In regards to the Spoon calipers, they work with standard sized discs, so the Project Mu discs are the same size as OEM, just much much better and 2piece :) Also eans that the calipers will use OEM sized pads so you have the same variety of choice as with OEM calipers :)
    Hi mate, hope you had a good birthday weekend. Going to sound like I am messing you around now but I had two rather large parcels turn up and my mum has bought me new discs and pads all round for my civic because she knew I had no money to get them myself. So unfotrunately I wont be needing those redstuff pads off you fella
    Yeah quite heavy, need to be so I can slow down from motorway speeds....on the motorway ofcourse lol.

    Blimey they sound very good then, calipers are surprisingliy heavy for what they are. Project Mu discs om nom nom nom.
    So how much would the discs cost for the bells separate then? Would you get bigger discs first or the caliper?

    Your driving history is a bit more colourful than mine though so thats probably why :lol: but Im paying 1400 with my exhaust declared
    Bit heavy with the brake pedal then are we? ;) haha

    And yeh they're about a grand for the pair, but it's because their one piece monocoque construction, so even though they are double the size of OEM they weight less than half! :p And then the 2piece Project Mu discs are around £500 for the pair (discs and bells, which means you only have to replace the rotors which saves a bit of money).

    A mere 23?! Damn you! haha Not to mention that I would have been laughed at for trying to insure a CTR at 22, so go you lol
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