FK2 Bespoke Fk2 Car Cover

I just wanted to ask if anyone has or has had a bespoke fk2 outdoor Car Cover and are they any good? I've read that you have to be really carefull to ensure the car is absolutely spotlessly clean before you put the cover on to avoid scratches.Also read that you can get covers with an inner soft layer and the best covers have ventilation built in. The reason I'm asking is that currently the cars are parked under a cantilever canopy which is great for protecting the cars from bird droppings. However we are moving house and can't take it with us. I'm just looking at the choices I have to protect the fk2 from as I say bird droppings.
I'm also looking at car storage short term when we're away. Any information on car cover or storage or any other ideas would be most welcome. Keep safe and regards Fred.
I used Halfords all seasons cover. It is waterproof and has a soft liner that doesn’t scratch or polish the paintwork.
I’ve had 3 of various material from Cover Craft, EP3, DC5 and my current vehicle. No issues with any.

Expensive though.

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