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  • Lee mate you need to delete some of your inbox, wont allow me to send a message.
    'LeeH has exceeded their stored private messages quota and cannot accept further messages until they clear some space.'
    Cool, tell me all the information that you need, I would love one of your kits. Could I get the set in red please?
    Hey, i'm a bit new to this website. But I have been looking at your kits that you have been supplying to people on this website, they look pretty awesome. How much are they?
    hey dude I was just talking to Shaenei and he told me you were the guy to talk to about light bulbs for ep3s.
    I will have to transfer some money into my paypal account and then get back to you. What colours do you do
    They may fit but I'm still looking for someone to try one. £30 posted
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