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  • Yeah man no worries, I think Leooo is up for some meets too and he only in Medway so will give you a heads up
    yeah he is a ****! youll have to let me know if there is any meets coming up on here soon cos id be up for going to one!
    I will write here fella rather than clog up the thread.

    Nah, the only reason I thought that is because whenever people from the surrounding areas come to Maidstone that's the main places that people go or hear about.
    Do you know what, in my 4 years of clubbing in Maidstone I have never been to Source bar lol, is it good?

    Yeah I know what you mean, he stares at you as if to say "What do you want?" I know what cars he has in there yet I have to ask everytime. He has a minimum spend of £5 now, which is crap when Im only after something small.
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