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I've been a paid up member of the MLR for the past 10 years and got sod all out of it other than a few lanyards and tax disc holders (£35-£37 a year). It's all geared towards guys getting cheap track days and sprints etc, which I have no interest in.
I think the supporter packages suggested earlier is genius. Everyone can use a mug or a t-shirt etc and pump a bit of cash into the forum coffers at the same time.

I wonder how a Type-R badge would look instead of CTDI on my Accord :D
I've been slammed with work as I'm on my own covering for someone on Paternity leave.

As soon as I get chance I'll sort something out. Getting some prices would be a start. :lol:
These things are always handy and after buying a shít ton for my work they are relatively cheap....could be thrown into the package too.

Now you get a key chain I'm sold love the idea would be happy to do this. Love the idea of the packages as well

Keen to pay also. Package sounds pretty cool, along with a little icon under your username would as others said, be a nice touch.
I've nothing planned this weekend so I've set myself a reminder on my phone and will look at what is out there and affordable, then put something together! :smt023
PM me some bank details Loxmeister. I've been a member here for long enough now, about time I paid in!

Edit: 5000th post, certainly is time I paid in :lol:
Nice little LED flashlight on a key chain with laser etched TRO. I got one from another forum I'm on. Cheap and cheerful and gets loads of use.