Finally fulfilled my dream of owning a FK2 Type R!!

Hello guys, found out the issue i got with my Tyre pressure light.

This car has had the Miltek exhausts fitted, then the previous owner decatted it and done a decat delete, which then deleted the typre pressure sensors or something, this causes the light to stay on, which is very annoying. It is far too loud as it is.
I am thinking of either selling the car (got a baby on the way) or getting miltek to fit a new cat and fix the light problem (As when i took it to Honda to get checked and have a valve pressure sevice they didnt know why the TPRS light wouldnt go out, shocking)
I do Love the car, so will be a shame to let her go, but she will need a new owner who will give her the time and Love she needs

where do i put up the car for sell on this forum