FK8 No more new FK8's

My Dealer called me today wanting to buy my car back!
I told him the only way I would sell is if he gave me a good deal on a new one.
He went on to say there are no new ones - anywhere. Which is why he wanted mine.
I couldn’t believe how much the wbac quotes have gone up again.
when I checked mine back in December the offer was 25.5k.
I checked again last week, £30,630!
I'm still not selling it though. Anyone know how many there are on UK roads?
I know there’s that “how many left” site but they’ve listed so many similar models it’s difficult to make sense of the data
Random question, if you found a car, second hand, circa 2500 miles on the clock, then you realise it has had 2 owners, would I be correct in being suspicious?

Im struggling to think of any legit reasons why a car with 2500 miles on the clock would have 2 owners, unless 1 owner was a garage and this is ex demo, but still don’t understand why you would buy it then sell it back so quick?
Maybe ex demo or pre registered + 1 private keeper. We live in a society where people often stretch what they can afford, maybe lost their job and had to sell quickly, or frequent car changers are quite common.