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Phil’s ep3 resto

So after owning a supercharger premier edition around 12 years ago and a DC5 after that I’ve decided to get another ep3 as a project. The car is a 2004 with 140,000 miles on the clock. Not too much history with the car but the plan is to either replace or clean up everything on the car so that didn’t bother me to much.

So this is how the car looked like after picking it up
As you can see the car came with a mugen replica wing, a silly load exhaust, tints all round and has been lowered on what I think are apex springs.
The first job is to strip the underneath and suspension, under seal and have the suspension all powder coated with new bushes.
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As I forgot to mention in the first post I bought the car 6 months ago now so I’ve already started stripping down the underside.
Luckily both arches are solid.
Fuel tank removed
Unfortunately the drivers side cill has two rust holes where the side skirt brackets fix

I haven’t got round to checking the passenger side yet but I’m just going to presume it’s going to be the same! Going to just replace the whole cill rather than patch up the two areas. Reason for this is I’d rather know it’s all solid than potential have the problem all over again in a year or so.
Hopefully I’ll have the rear suspension arms back from powders this week so need to decide what bushes I’m going for.
So I managed to get half a day off work and spend the afternoon on the car. Spent most the day cutting both cills out, I’ve decided to do just for peace of mind even tho there were only 3 small rust holes. Also managed to get most of the rear end sanded and treated with hammerite kurst.
As the car stands..
Cills cut out..
As you may of spotted the passenger side is going to need outer and inner cills replacing.
So it’s been a while since I last posted anything on here. In that time I’ve managed to rebuild the callipers with all new seals, suspension parts have all been powder coated, new poly bushes started to be fitted, weld in the new cills, all cavities treated with bilt hamber S50, primer, stone chip, and paint the underside of the car. I haven’t taken to many photos as I get carried away working and forget to take them but here’s a couple of where I am with the car to date.
Callipers painted

Red Font Rectangle Carmine Auto part

Suspension powder coated and poly bushes started to be fitted

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Underside in stone chip.

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And finally the underside and arches painted satin silver

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Cavities being treated with S50

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There is a couple of areas that I’d like to go over again but overall I’m happy with the result. Hopefully I can get all the poly bushes fitted in the next week or so and start fitting everything back together before starting on the engine bay. If anyone knows the best way of removing brake lines that are seized and the nut rounded the help would be great.
Wonderful work mate.

Those sub-frame and suspension arms came up great.

I've considered maybe having a go at doing mine (EP3 lower arms) but I'm fare less as applicable and tool'd up (press) as your good self.

Great thread will enjoy following this.
Got home from work and decide to loosely put one side together as I couldn’t wait to see what it looked like;
Really happy with how it’s starting to look. I will eventually get round to replacing all the bolts and cleaning the lca plastic covers.
Hopefully I’ll have the car rolling this weekend and then I can start on the engine bay.
looks great. will be following future updates, because i always wanted to something like this to mine.