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usb cable for the cw fn2

Hi hoping someone can help im trying to use my ipod through my usb connector in my arm rest i tried my ipod lead only to find its not the standard usb connection and was told i need to get the lead from honda (which i collected today) but im still having problems the honda lead now fits into the arm rest connection but the other end of the lead still isnt the normal usb connection (which i was told it would be) so my ipod lead still won't fit, have they supplied me with the wrong lead as it seems rather chunky for what it does or do i need something else
Any pics of the two leads? Does the Honda cable not just plug straight into your iPod?
Nah just found out my lovely honda dealer have supplied me with the internal cable so 1st thing tomorrow will be my last trip to this dealer had enough, here's what they sold me
Just got back from honda and another 30mls round trip just to come back with the same cable and for them to tell me they have to ring honda uk on monday to get the correct part#, he shown me the options on the monitor and to his defence they shown nothing. They had 2 cables 1 was described as usb to usb and looked like the ones ive seen and had the usb icon on the end but priced at £125, the other was described as a HDD ipod connector but only shown the ipod connected didn't show what connection was going to the car and priced at £61, when he asked if my car was a 5dr was when i decided after this cable is sorted i wont be coming back which is a shame really cause he is a really nice bloke but they seem clueless on type r's