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Thread: Anyone tuned their FK8?

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    Does anyone really expect their warranty to be unaffected by engine mods that costs less than 500?

    AC Schnitzer have a warranty with their BMW engine mods, but their charges are eye watering (as in modest M2 upgrade costs 4k).
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    I don't think cost has anything to do with it tbh, any mod has the potential to effect warranty

    Although I did put the remus on its quietest setting, hoping they wouldn't notice...and took the bluethooth fob with me. Maybe the remus sticker in the rear window was a bad idea though...
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    Quote Originally Posted by FaNtheMaN View Post
    Happy Friday All

    Cars in for its 3rd service today, slightly earlier than May in previous years, oil must be fooked..

    Anyway, in other news here is the response from North Wales Honda on the Warranty question:

    "If there are any issues with the vehicle that are not affected by the superchips program are covered by Honda warrant and anything effected by superchips is covered by them. But only if the vehicle is used in correct manner."

    So as has been said, I am sure Honda will reject most due to ECU remap and then 'anything effected by superchips' is so broad and could be counter argued, so it means nothing...

    And good luck on the correct manner definition..!
    yep, and remember if Honda wanted to get really into it, they will ask the dealer to pull a full-data download from all of the car (11, yes eleven) computers that control various elements. This is what Honda UK insisted upon before agreeing to cough up on the parts + labour cost to rebuild my original FK8's gearbox.

    VTEC matt calls it right, add power when you know the car and driver can easily handle it. i.e. I'd be better off spending a few hundred on driver training and then getting into the mods later when the warranty and 5 year service pack is less of a concern and run its course.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Mondie View Post
    What a lame response, its not even a proper sentence. It would be hard to write something more vague and less reassuring. Clowns.
    Try having a conversation with Honda UK, you come away from that feeling confused, angry, non the wiser and left out to dry

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