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    FN2 Wheels refresh in black or gun metal, what to do with hubcap?

    @GirlRacer - Nice. I found them, they do look good. I've decided to get a set of wheels from FBMP which are already refurb'd/painted, they're not gun metal as I wanted, but a dark grey, but still think they look good, they've painted the hub caps too, but not replaced the decal, which is...
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    FN2 Wheels refresh in black or gun metal, what to do with hubcap?

    £50 for a set of plastic caps. Crazy. They've got fake ones on Ebay, but the Honda badge is slightly off (probably so they can't get done for copyright) and the colour is weird, looks cheap and nasty. I managed to track down a set of gun metal ones which have the centre caps painted with new...
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    FN2 Wheels refresh in black or gun metal, what to do with hubcap?

    Hello, Wheels on my car are due a refresh, they came fairly badly curbed and there are bubbles starting to appear. Given mine goes on the track allot and are semi permanently covered in black break dust, thinking of going a dark colour, but not sure how to deal with the hub caps. Mine didn't...
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    Any reason not to buy Tegiwa wheel spacers over Eibachs, bit cheaper and appear to be made of same material.
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    Who makes the best BBK (Big Brake Kit)?

    Think I'm going to go for the K-System BBK. My standard brakes fade really easily, even sometimes when they're not that hot, I have had a few stained pants moments on tracks with them. It's not just the cheaper outlay at the start, it's the on-going consumables. The cost of replacing the...
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    Who makes the best BBK (Big Brake Kit)?

    Where did you buy them from, got a link?
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    Who makes the best BBK (Big Brake Kit)?

    Interesting. Are you both just running standard rears?
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    EP3 'Money well spent' mods for the FN2

    Get yourself some earplugs if you plan to do any motorway driving, the drone is awful. I just took one off and replaced with an M2 resonated number.
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    EP3 Two Stage Vtec?

    If you look at a dyno read out, you'll see the ECU follows a map of acceleration, the cam profile change is not the only thing that governs how the car accelerates. Mines been remapped now, so its not the same as yours, but as you hit 4k, there is a sudden deeper noise as the intake starts to...
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    FN2 shifter bushes

    I was told (by TDI in fact) that the base bushes make it worse, I only did the selector bushes and that was fine.
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    EP3 Decat replacement options for MOT

    Yes. The back pressure will be different and the ECU will be calculating for a car with a different set up. I think it's safe to drive safely very gently, don't think it'll cause any damage out of VTEC but if in doubt, call your tuner and ask their advice before doing so. Another option for...
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    EP3 Two Stage Vtec?

    Agreed. Although the VTEC means the cam profile switches over under oil pressure, which is at a certain RPM, if you look at a read out is of an engine map, it follows a curve.
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    EP3 FN2 bouncing and bobbing at the front after coil/o and FRS

    Evening, My car now has replacement polly bushes all around, BC racing coil overs, and had the FRS geometry done by Grinspeed. Also has the M Factory LSD. It's got lots of grip and great balance, but at the moment the front bounces around a lot, which detracts from the rest of the cars...
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    Knock Sensor Error after Clutch Replacement - FN2

    I recently had a knock sensor light come on, replaced with an OEM KS and it's resolved. Not sure on the oil level warning. IIRC the oil level sensor is in the sump, did they take the sump off? As far as I am aware, it only triggered if more than 3 litres is lost. The car holds 4.5-5l full...