tarmac danga strike

  1. TarmacNymph

    K20 FTW.. Essentially, more JDM than a Tsunami

    Car was purchased the during April 2009, and then sold in June 2014. I thoroughly enjoyed making it my own, and most would agree that it become one of the most notorious EP3's in the UK. And because I had too much time on my hands (and liking the idea after seeing it in another thread), I have...
  2. L

    Piper Exhaust with twin tailpipes

    Hi all, i recently ordered a full piper exhaust system with twin 3" tailpipes for my Civic Type R EP3 and i thought i would post some pictures of it as not many people seem to have seen this style. They are the same size and style as the oem exhaust so looks pretty standard but gves a better...