K20 FTW.. Essentially, more JDM than a Tsunami

Car was purchased the during April 2009, and then sold in June 2014. I thoroughly enjoyed making it my own, and most would agree that it become one of the most notorious EP3's in the UK.

And because I had too much time on my hands (and liking the idea after seeing it in another thread), I have added a Build Thread Contents!

For those that are interested, as quite a few have asked me over the years, the total bill for this car including purchase, servicing, modifications, repairs, etc was £54,327.21

And in parting her out, I yielded a return of £14,415 (less garage costs and postage); so roughly £12k. Lesson to be learnt? Don't be blind to the losses involved with modification.

Bride Stradia Japan Special Edition reclining bucket seats
Bride RO low position seatrails
Takata race harnesses
Skunk2 weighted 6 speed gear knob
JDM mats (red fronts, dyed black rear)
Mugen pedals
Carbon fibre Richbrook tax disc holder

K20 FTW personalised plate
Mugen adjustable rear wing
J's Racing wide front wings
JDM wind deflectors
Honda Jazz OEM washer jets
J's Racing stickers
Civic and Type R badges removed from boot; Type R stickers removed from skirts

Full FRSU by Eurospec
Buddy Club N+ coilovers
Carbing engine strut
J's Racing rear tie bar
J's Racing C-pillar brace
J's Racing floor bar
J's Racing upper rear strut
DG Industries harness bar
J's Racing front roll centre adjusters
Eibach front camber bolts
Eibach rear camber arms
D2 lower control arms
JDM front and rear ARB's
Tanabe front under chassis brace

Spoon Monoblock calipers
Project Mu SCR Pro 2 piece rotors
Project Mu Hyper Carbon Plus (HC+) front pads
Project Mu Type NS rear pads
Do-Luck braided steel brake lines (purple versions)
Motul RBF600 brake fluid
Tegiwa master cylinder stopper

J's Racing "Tsuchinoko" carbon fibre forced air intake system
KPro ecu; 254.4bhp (213.7whp)
J's Racing engine mount set
J's Racing engine torque damper
RBC intake manifold (ceramic coated in metallic black)
Tracy Sports 65mm throttle body
Skunk2 fuel rail
TGM Motorsport baffled sump
HKS "Circle Earth" earthing kit
J's Racing SPL low temp thermo fan switch
J's Racing magnetic engine drain bolt
Pitwork racing oil filter
Fuchs Titan Race Pro S 5W40 engine oil

Purple rocker cover
Purple under bonnet paint
J's Racing oil cap (bronze)
J's Racing rad cap
Vision-R carbon fibre plug cover
SSR carbon fibre slam panel
SFS induction hose (purple)
Do-Luck coolant hoses (purple)
JMR battery tie (powdercoated purple to match strut ends)
Dirty Habit grey sweatband res. socks
Opera Performance res. socks (for shows)
Purple Pro-Bolt fuel rail bolt inserts
Black Pro-Bolt plug cover bolts

J's Racing 4-2 manifold
J's Racing 2-1 downpipe
J's Racing 70RR exhaust (stainless steel version, single silencer)
J's Racing 70RR exhaust bung (never used)
J's Racing exhaust mounts
Second exhaust for track use built by Solid Fabrications (back box section) and mates up to the 70RR's b-pipe

Spoon 5.026 final drive
Wavetrac LSD
Exedy stage 1 clutch
J's Racing gearbox mount
J's Racing magnetic transmission bolt
Buddy Club short shifter
Aluminium gearbox and shifter bushes

Wheels - Everyday: Advan Racing RZ, 17x8J
Tyres - Everyday: Bridgestone Potenza RE070, 225/45/17
Wheels - Track: OEM, powdercoated purple and pink
Tyres - Track: Yokohama A048, 225/45/17

Headunit: Pioneer DEH-P88RSii
Front speakers: Pioneer TS-C171PRS
Amp for F.speakers: Pioneer PRS-D210
Rear speakers: Pioneer TS-E1302i
MP3 aux cable: Kimber Cable UK
Cabling: JL Audio, Audison, and Genesis


Page numbers reflect 10 posts/page, but links are direct to the post. :smt023

Pg002: First stage; Anthracite OEM wheels w/purple H's, massive JL Audio and Pioneer sound system, Tein S.Tech lowering springs, J's Racing Tsuchinoko carbon intake system.

Pg018: Powder coating of J's Racing strut brackets, rear tow hook, and battery tie.

Pg022: Tanabe under chassis brace, F&R JDM ARB's, J's Racing engine strut w/ETD, rear tie bar, rear camber arms, roll centre adjusters, low temp thermo fan switch, magnetic bolts, Do-Luck coolant hoses, Project Mu HC+ front pads, Vision-R carbon plug cover.

Pg025: Powder coating of Tanabe chassis brace and JDM ARB's. Their fitment, along with J's engine strut and Do-Luck hoses.

Pg027: One-off forum graphics with purple "R".

Pg028: Photoshoot; Wales.

Pg033: Second stage; shopping list.

Pg036: Wavetrac LSD.

Pg037: Acquisition of K20 FTW private plate.

Pg038: Spoon 5.062 final drive, Spoon monoblock calipers, Exedy stage 1 clutch, DG Industries harness bar, Takata harnesses, ES engine inserts and Powerflex gearbox insert, second set of OEM wheels, Yokohama A048R tyres.

Pg042: J's Racing Tsuchinoko carbon intake vs. OEM airbox - dyno print outs.

Pg045: Spec list as of August 2010.

Pg047: Refurbed purple and pink track OEM's with A048R tyres.

Pg049: Photoshoot; National Trust and TRO Wembley meet.

Pg054: Link to purchase of Bride Stradia Sport Japan Special Edition reclining bucket seats and rails.
Spec list as of September 2010.

Pg065: Arrival of Bride seats and mock-up fitment pictures with Takata harnesses.

Pg069: Removal of sound system and majority of interior. Installation of J's Racing floor bar, C-pillar bar, and rear upper strut, DG Industries harness bar, Bride seats and Takata harnesses, Mugen pedals, stickers, and swapping anthracite OEM's to purple and pink set with road tyres.

Pg071: TarmacNymph vs. TypeRiter @ TRO Wembley meet.
BuddyClub N+ coilovers.

Pg079: Coilover fitment.

Pg085: Total Honda "Club Car" feature.

Pg089: Full J's Racing 70RR exhaust system (after 12 months of waiting!). Uprated bulbs and cleaning products.

This car > my life.

Pg090: Zircotec ceramic coated RBC .

Pg094: Adding to J's intake; Tracy Sports throttle body, RBC, 70RR system, and mapping.
Dyno print outs; OEM - J's intake - Romain Levesque tuned.

Pg096: Brands Hatch dB test; 124.1dB at 4,800 rpm! (Launch control limit).

Pg097: J's Racing 70RR vs. environmental noise danger chart. LOL.

Pg102: Advan RZ's

Pg104: First video collection; start-up idle, moving drive-by, stationary drive-by, tunnel run (outside car), tunnel run (inside car).

Pg106: JAE 2011 TRO Car of the Stand. Mugen rear wing.

Pg112: Photoshoot.

Pg116: MASE tune at Surrey Rolling Road, plus videos (and flames). Dyno print out. Extensive write-up.

Pg118: TRO 'Ring/ Spa 2012 trip video teaser.

Pg120: Milkagate scandal. They saw Loxy in the fridge.

Pg123: Second video collection; 'Ring trip video diary plus 'Ring laps.
Banned from the 'Ring. Twice. Trip write-up.

Pg124: Write-up regarding MASE issues plus dyno print outs.

Pg136: Dartford Tunnel video; pops, bangs, and general bellendedness. LOL.

Pg138: Bridgstone Potenza RE070's.

Pg139: Project Mu SCR Pro 2 piece rotors, Project Mu HC+ pads, Carbing front engine strut, J's Racing engine and gearbox mounts, JDM wind deflectors, Opera Performance res covers.

Pg141: Third video collection; TRO Santa Pod meet and RWYB (August 2012).

Pg144: A23 rear end incident; and successive updates - one, two, and three.

Pg157: J's Racing front wings, or fenders, if you're that way inclined.

Pg161: Track exhaust built by Solid Fabrications. Time for Spa!

Pg165: J's 70RR finally becomes too much for the local constabulary. "Road and 'Ring banned".

Pg168: Declaring that it is time to move on and sell the car.

Pg174: End of an era. 19/04/2009 to 29/06/2014

Pg175: The last picture taken of her before I started to strip her down.
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Very nice :)

You need to add J's tie bar to that list, coincidentally I have one for sale ;)
Can I just add, you should not use aftermarket nuts on these wheels :)

Stock Honda ones are fine.
Lovely example mate, like the purple 'H'...

This is looking a bit like Murph's :eek:

Really? :? (@Dottie) why's that then? They're not going to undo while I'm on the motorway or anything are they? As that would suck big time!!

And Murph, cheers for the approval on purple, am hoping to go down the titanium exhaust route with a J's so am thinking the purple/blue tip would match up well (that's the theory anyway)
The purple is a nice colour.... I think if I had it on mine (NHB CTR) I'd be travelling down the road looking like a bruise on 4 wheels... :(

Luckily, I've never cared much for purple on my car. Not criticising, if it's to your taste (and I can see why with the exhaust - Good thinking) then that's about all that matters
Ah pants, well I'll see how they fair up and if I have any issues with them then I'll swap them back over, cheers for the heads up :)
And Dotty, how much are you looking for the tie bar? How long have you had it on the car, easy to fit, etc?
Just a few more pictures that I took yesterday after having her cleaned properly :)

I also took some pictures of the sound system if anyone is interested in that sort of thing..? Or is it all performance biased mainly? ;) hehe

You need a wing ;)

Have you seen how cool cosmics with carbon wings look? no?

Take a look :D

Just so happens I have one of those wings for sale ;) :D


lol at Dotty!

System looks very professional mate. Must add a bit of weight though.
LOL@ Dotty too :p although it does look very good, I have pined for carbon goodies for a long time but my bank balance won't cover it at the moment, but cheers for the offer :)

@C4Doc, yup that'd be correct, none of that turn up at Halfords to buy a sub and amp package then just sling it in the boot pants! ha! But yes you could say that it is fairly heavy but not massively, it's the same as having a large passenger in the back I guess. When I had the standard springs it did affect things as the rear weight brought the front up which resulted in an unresponsive feel to the steering, but that was rectified when I lowered it :)