2019 Supra GTS

Stagnated a bit due to impending 5th child.

Still trying to beg/borrow/steal a windows laptop to activate apple CarPlay.

On the hunt for some cheaper cosmetic tweaks, 15mm spaces/springs and carbon rear spoiler.

Then once cash frees up I’ll go a little more retarded. :asw:


1 Armed Warrior
I f**king love this car, looks great in the sun. Nice addition with the carbon spoiler :cool:
Little update, spend $60 to enable apple carplay, finally got around to loading bootcamp on the macbook to run windows.

Flashed the headunit and damn, it works!

Had a run down the drag strip, random after work wednesday night thing, best time was 12.201 1/4 mile at 198.61 kph.

Didn't try a burn out, first time launching in anger, spinning 1st-3rd haha so much fun.

Got the bug for sure, next season I will be going a bit more prepared, trailer the supra with the patrol/drag wheels/exhaust etc.

Had my first "oh fvck.." moment last week, out of habit I turn on sport mode and disable all traction control, light rain on perth roads is the closest we get to ice.

Off a roundabout to dual carriageway, open up slowly and the next minute I have done a 180 sliding sideways towards a fvck off big lampost at 70kph, some how miss it, slide up a very low kerb ( I was bracing for fvcked wheels/upper control arms etc) onto the dirt.

Jump out and it's only a spattering of mud on the wheels, brown trouser moment for damn sure. haha.


I do love the looks of these. Theres something TVR about them.
I really need to get round to trying one.

I reackon its the only car I'd consider swapping the lotus for.