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Hazz's 1971 mental Mini Clubman - JDM B18CR engine

Is that because the E-mark for Yokohama A048R's was withdrawn a few years ago? Sad times.
Exactly that, I think some of the more common sizes still carry the E marking but not the 13s. I’ve heard good things about the AR1’s and nankang were apparently bought out by yoko so fingers crossed!
Odd. In that I would have expected 13" to have been a common size, given all of the classics still doing the rounds in hill climbs, etc. But then I guess the UK in that respect is quite a niche market and doesn't cover an E-mark's geography.
Being that I have just seen the other thread of the new imminent arrival, has this had its fate sealed? Or merely becoming the 'toy' of the collection?
It still lives. One day it’ll drive straight.

still waiting on my the pedal box custom brake pedal to come back, they did the first one backwards. Yay. Also bent a steering arm a few months ago, that didn’t help. It’ll be ready next summer and maybe up for sale. Probably sell both at once TBH, see how the Teg project goes. Might end up keeping it.

I don’t really need a car for anything more than the weekly shop so it really opens up what I can get. Can finally get rid of the beater DERV A3 after Xmas. Was supposed to be a 1-2 year car, ended up being 6.
It's dead again.

Drove it to preston today for a small rust repair. I got about half a mile from the garage and it started running rough. Then cut out. The kind folk of preston pitched it and pushed me the final bit to the mini centre.

No spark again, I predict the exact same fault that stopped the integra in it's tracks a couple months back. Thankfully, I've had this dizzy apart before and replaced the rotor and it is in MUCH better condition than the teg one. Fingers crossed it doesn't put up as much of a fight. Parts ordered. 10 day wait for the ICM from yankland.
Got it recovered to my house. Had a quick fart around with it when it arrived… best I managed was a perfectly timed uncle buck backfire just as the mrs was walking out the drive to the corner shop. Couldn’t have been better.

I’m going to check the timing, go over the dizzy again, maybe try the internals I know work from the teg. See what’s what. I think I’m probably going to end up re-wiring it TBH. I’m 95% sure it’s electrical.

Good news is the mini centre repaired the inner sill rust and located the elusive leak - a missing grommet/seal for the non-existent interior door light.

Oh and pedal box review: much improved braking. Also, more issues: Leaky brand new cylinder. No pedal stop means driving this car is a delicate task, you run the constant risk of overthrowing the clutch and/or master cylinder. Fun times. The bias bar is also mostly unusable, I’ve got maybe 20% adjustment out of the full range before the accelerator interferes like the last pedal box did 100% of the time…. That is, if you press the brakes hard enough, you also start to press the accelerator slightly (Hence this whole process began in the first place). And here we are, back at square 1.5.

The pedal stop is an easy fix…
I’m not going to show what Stevie and I came up with on the fly. For now, it’s set biased way too much to the rear but it’s stops better than it ever did and the pedal gives a nice confident feel. A huge contrast to the spongy lucky dip pedal of old.
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Make sure you give your good lady your password for this forum so we can all be invited to your Mini-induced-funeral.....

More of a question really, but IIRC you had custom gearing fabricated on this didn't you? Out of curiosity, who completed the works? As my brain keeps pondering a final drive for the ST and there doesn't seem to be such a thing in the Ford World for anything post 80's.
Eyyy… been a while! Yes and no, I’ve had some aftermarket parts for it that shouldn’t have gone together modified to (almost) work together. But not actually had custom gearing made for me. None of that worked anyway so I did the honourable thing and sold it all on. Car used to move in neutral, like 2mph.

Update: it’s still broken, done 0 miles this year. Wiring goosed, no motivation. Might get round to it this winter.

In other unrelated news. I bought some te37s for the teg. And no you can’t have pictures…. Not fitted at least