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New look forum graphics

He does and they look :cool:



Cheers bud :smt023
Hey buddy I sent you a pm but no answer?

I'm after a couple of your decals, pm me and I'll send the cash.

could i have one side window decal please, same R as loxys pic. Managed to scrape the top half of the R of while clearing snow from the window!!

I will send money as soon as you let me know you can do it :)
Tommyz > The graphic comes with clear application tape over the top. You first need to remove everything from the backing paper, most easily done if you flip the graphic over and peel the paper off the back as opposed to trying to peel the graphic off the paper, then apply that to the car. Once in place, then remove the clear application tape leaving just the letters behind :)
jordbalboa > And received, many thanks. Will get that sent

tommyZ > Good stuff mate :)