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Did you want me to change your username to NorthernOrphan? I think the original username issue was to do with every other character being CAPS, it made it difficult to read. :freak:
might be a stubid question but will you get my address through paypal or will i have to pm you it, sorry but a bit of a newby to pay pal and all that
Hi mate. I saw your vids in the exhaust guide. I was just wondering if your using a Scorpion B-pipe with or without silencer?
That fat ginger **** isn't even doing it right.
He did ONE hang clean press, then 9 push presses using knees.....what a fat lazy bastid.
It's all about 40kgs in each hand & doing the hang clean press PROPERLY everytime.......YEAH!!!
i only date models. these women are not upto my level of quality. now please go away whilst i retire to the study in my parents house to play computer games.
hi jus wondering if anyone is selling a civic in nighthawk black, looking for the premier edition or know of anyone selling 1
Speedo (Rev / counter) flickering

Just purchased a 2007 FD2 … Loving the drive of the car J
For me it was a big change … going back to a Honda after almost 8 years … Also after driving Subaru 4 WD (Turbo) it’s a big change…
Anyways, please let me know if anyone has a experienced a situation where the indicators i.e. Rev counter and all other indicators flickering … like a power serge … where the light “only” in the area get very bright and then back to normal … at the same time the rev meter / needle goes up and down …
But the car runs fine …
I have sent my vehicle to check the electronics to see if there is a short or something else … my concern is that the issue was there as I bought the car… the dealer fixed it … and two weeks later its back again …
Any thoughts please?
Engine spec/gear mods

short shifter
metal gear bush kit
Tegiwa induction kit
Toda manifold
RBC intake
Hondata gasket
BC condenser
SFC intake hose
Tegiwa etd
Matt black cam cover/red carbon cover
J's racing rad and oil cap
Fujitsubo RM01a cat cack
K-pro'd at Eurospec 239bhp 175ftlb @5500rpm

Suspension mods

Spoon Springs
buddyclub camber adjusters / spc camber bolts
Progress 24mm rear antiroll bar
Jdm front roll bar
FRSU at euro spec


Do-luck braided hoses
standard discs and pads
motul 5.1 oil

bronze torques or Team dynamics 1.2 in matt black Hankook Ventus S1 evo tyres 215/45/17

styling mods/ interior mods

Genuine mugen front grille
colour coded vented bonnet
seibon carbon rear mugen style spoiler
JDM wind deflectors
Mugen gear shifter

DC5 recaros
H.I.D kit
double din headunit
focal aniversary editon componets
focal rear speakers
audison amp

to be fitted

J's racing front strut
Spoon upper rear strut
N.R.G engine mounts
Mugen pedals
Mugen front lip
Defi gauges
hi, im a newby, just recently bought a cosmic grey ep3, just wundering if any one can suggest any budget induction kits to start me off, without sacrificing performance, just whilst i recover from the insurance bill.