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Thread: General FK8 (10th Gen) CTR Release chat

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    Quote Originally Posted by veehexx View Post
    i was changing the gearbox oil on my fk2 yesterday and it came to mind why did they change the fk8 to a water-based cooler?
    Honda wouldn't change for the sake of it after only 2 years, so has to be for cooling efficiency. 10-15mins on a test drive last night made the gearbox too hot to touch.
    Interesting; Is there no transmission cooler at all on the FK2?

    The FK8 Circuit does seem rather "heavy", Especially given the reduction in overall capacity (-2L) compared to the FK2:- Whilst it's not actively "in" the radiator, surely the extra coolant would provide a handy thermal reservoir for slower sections that can be removed on the straights.

    May have asked this elsewhere, but do you know if the FK2 has the standard oil cooler? (Doesn't do much according to the americans, but surely better than a kick in the teeth).

    To add to the postulations, I wonder if the differing tune on the FK8 has some effect? - Increased EGTs for example could substantially increase the cooling load, given the headifold.

    As for the bonnet scoop, I'm with you on "not quite sure" - The biggest effect I could see with the ducting that is present underbonnet is to create a venturi suction effect to expedite the evacuation of air via the wing vents.

    As a further aside, whilst I know it's an issue on standard cars, I don't think some people (Looking at americans here!) help themselves when they go for power to the moon and are suprised when it is overheating in 30c+ ambient temperatures, cooling mods or no!

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    fk8 has -2litre coolant from fk2!? that'll certainly not help. i wonder where they saved that quantity. fk2 spec says 6.6litre for coolant change. 4.6l on fk8 (https://www.civicx.com/forum/threads...71/post-500483)
    thats like 30% reduction!!

    while we do have an mtf cooler, it's a regular air-cooled radiator and not part of the coolant system.

    i'm not sure about engine oil cooler on bottom of the 'water passage'. it doesnt ring a bell but cant say i've looked specifically. i am due to replace the bottom tray bolts in the next week or 2 (screwdriver rounded off, so going m6 flanged bolts) so i'll take a look.
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