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Thread: FK2 general discussion

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    speaking of quirks, anyone get unsmooth cruise control when at around 40mph in 6th (around 1500rpm)? don't remember the car doing it when new and only happens with that combination as 40 in 5th is fine. car wants to fluctuate a bit going on&off power rather than keeping it smooth/consistent. no cruise and i can keep it smooth with my foot.
    not sure if car or one of the many mods. i'm thinking possibly the SMF induced it as i've only noticed it this year. i'm more curious if others have noticed it than anything else..
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    Couldn't even tell you how to switch on cruise control something I've yet to try

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    Personally I wouldn't ever run a petrol engine under load at anything much less than 2000rpm. I used to keep my k20 above 2500 so as never to labour the engine. It's somewhat of a pet hate of mine when cars tell you what gear to be in, my dad's FK Honda (1.8 petrol) does this and suggests 6th gear for 30mph cruising. I'm sorry, but that's just plain wrong. The engine doesn't like it one bit and it's less economical than 4th gear at that same speed. Farking BS I tell thee.

    I rarely even use the derv down below 1500rpm either.

    It's not good for an engine to ever be laboured, give it an easy time and it'll last longer. Certainly don't expect smooth running from doing that.
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    Quote Originally Posted by dweezle View Post
    Couldn't even tell you how to switch on cruise control something I've yet to try
    lol, my fk2 is the first time ive used it, had it in my last 2 cars and didnt ever use it, was kinda forced to use it on a run to inverness during the summer due to the overhead average speed cameras wasting a beautiful bump free stretch of road
    its actually pretty good
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