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blueguy's CW Facelift DC5 -Return to Track Pg 33

I thought I would do a progress thread as hopefully some major overhauling will be happening in a few weeks time pending parts arrival [-o<. A few of you will have seen this thread on the DC5 forum already with a simlar statement a few months back :oops:. Yes, a few cruicial parts are still not here yet :(

Facelift Teg, imported by Andy from 200BHP a while back. This was grade 5/A when imported into the UK and I'm the second owner.
I always used to prefer the pre-facelift but as times have gone on, the lights started to look a bit outdated to me (not any less prettier mind!) even though that was what I used to love about the DC5 and what for me used to really define the car as a teg. Anyway, to cut a long story short, my tastes changed in favour of the facelift. However two things will never change. The black strip on the rear bumper is poo, and some kits really do look better on the facelift than the pre (in my opinion of course :)).

I am in the modding strategy of Handling -> Brakes -> Power -> Handling -> Brakes (if required). I will be in the power part of the cycle hopefully this month as well as a whole load of other stuff ;)


Engine & Transmission
Standard bar one of CTRO Bren's cam covers in CW with C/F plug cover

Eibach Pro S Coilovers with TGM FRS
Eibach rear camber arms

Dixcel Slotted front and rear discs (facing in less aggressive rotation)
Dixcel Carbon Z-Type Pads all round
Hel Brake Lines

B&M Short Shifter
Mugen Assist Meters
DRE shift light

JVC AVX-810 (keeping it simple :wink: )

Anyway, Pics....

When I first got the car

It came with Mugen Assist meters


and sat on Mugen Sports suspension

They were nice but I wanted height adjustability and a small step up in performance

so I changed them for Eibachs and TGM FRS :D


B&M short shifter went in

Bye bye OEM

Dixcel Slotted Discs, Carbon Z-Type pads and Hel lines

Cam cover before

Cam cover after with carbon fiber plug cover

The ever popular DRE shift light prior to fitting in orange, orange, blue, blue, red

I don't have any pics of it fitted but have a video where you can just about make out the lights on start up. They're peeking out on the steering wheel column between the rev meter and speedo.


My car as it is now, taken at Brands at the beginning of the year


And a shot of her a couple of weeks ago, in preparation for the very dry day at Japshow Finale last week :roll:

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Stunning vehicle!
I've sourced out many of the upgraded chassis imporvements from the facelifted DC5's and installed them into my preface EP3 in an attempt to duplicate it. If you look at those Mugen springs, you'll notice how the front springs are reverse wound (as in, one coils the opposite direction to the other). That's one of the upgrades. Along with: thicker front subframe brace, aluminium floor brace under rear seats, thicker metal in shock towers, thicker front strut bar, stiffer suspension bushings, etc.

I love it!
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As it says on the tin, it reduces throw in the gear lever when changing gears.

Nice car btw dude.

Thanks dude.

Tony, just to give you a bit more info it shortens the throw by up to 30% and it's not new anymore either ;)
I think B&M have discontinued them as well.
So I was down at Tom's this morning to get my car serviced and asked to take a peek at one of my more extravagant purchases that had been sitting in TGM's storeroom for aaages.

CE28's in Diamond Black - I was like a kid on Christmas day when Tom was opening the box. Tom also thought they were lovely and hadn't come across a set of Volks in this colour either :)



I've also been thinking for a while about upgrading my coilovers to a set of Nitrons, as I've only ever heard great things about them and I'm looking for that little bit extra on track.
Tom's been very impressed with them - the R&D, build quality, design, customisation, aftersales etc. He brought one into the office for me take a look at and it looks incredibly well made. Aside from their established reputation already, J's Racing recently asked Nitron to build a set to their specs for one of their S2K race cars. I'm going for a J's theme, so it would fit in nicely :lol:
forgot to add, here is one of the centre caps I've got for wheels. Ignore the other bling around it.

Good work. I usually prefer a wheel with a thicker spoke, but there's no denying that those rims are top quality.

Get rid of that inlet manifold cover. Show of that nicely refurbed rocker cover.
Absolutely Jermal. I've had a RBC ready to go on for almost a year now and am still waiting for some last bits to arrive before I get everything done in one go. The mani cover has just been left on to keep the cam cover clean for the time being
Didn't feel like showing it off when there's a major overhaul coming :)

Cheers Chris :)
Stunning car blueguy :)

I see your from north london, you should attend the wembley statdium meets starting again next April..ish