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New look forum graphics - buy them here!

Mine arrived a few days ago, look excellent thanks :D


No probs guys. When placing the order, make mention in the Paypal note that you want the ep3 R version and I'll get them sorted :)
Although the DC5 has the "old R" on it, I went for the new graphics. A.) Because it's the new forum logo and B.) because I knew it would look good. I wasn't disappointed. Decided for a sole logo on the rear windscreen in the end



I'd have some of these if you do make them up

And me.

I'll have it paypalled across to you later tonight or first thing tomorrow.

Already bought some from you in the past, but cant for the life of me find them. The girlfriend moved them whilst tidying up and theve not been seen since. :evil:
Paypal received, thanks mate. Will get that sorted. I'll do a small run of them in the ep3 R version so there'll be some in stock in the next couple of days if anyone else wants one, or two, or three :D
Hi Mook

Can I have a single internal sticker in the old EP3 style please.
I'll paypal the money over to you now.

Cheers bud
Crumb > Not as yet mate, sorry - didn't have any internal fitment ones made up and a few things have got in the way this week. Will get them sorted early next week.