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New look forum graphics - buy them here!

Marshall-P > Received mate many thanks, will get those posted.

Crumb > Yours went in the post this morning :)
I got mine the other day and put it on the inside of the boot window.
Unfortunately I didn't take into account just how dark the tint was and it was pretty impossible to see it. So I decided to remove it and put it somewhere else.
This caused a problem as the letters detached from the backing and stayed fixed to the window, so I had to dispose of it. :(

So a warning to others, don't try and remove it once you have put it on the glass.

Thanks anyway though Mook.
They are a once only affair I'm afraid. I do have external fitment available ;)
I do have external fitment available ;)



The problem with the old R is that the rest of the text is from the new design. Surely you don't want a mish mash!?!
Sizewise we're looking at small urls only at present - 280mm wide.

Not got any pics of the old R, new style as yet I'm afraid.
Hi Mook. Received the new sticker today, thanks for that mate.

Quick question though, am I supposed to remove the top layer of the sticker once it's on?

Sorry if that sounds stupid, just want to be sure. Cheers.