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  • Had an awesome time thanks, campsite was spot on (appart from sharing the loos with men urgh!) Ive put my pics up now on the forum :)
    Thanks :) Cant wait tbh, just hope the weather is OK as rain is being forcast at the moment :(

    Will provide a full report on our return :)
    LOL whoops.

    Yeah true mate, true. Mission!

    Nah, don't fancy a weekend show really. I like a day show, I wouldn't just go for a day because:- ''oh remember last night when we were f***d and fred did this to jim.....oh, no ^ you wern't there, GTFO " :lol:

    Everything FTW.

    I has fitted CAI :D :D
    Man. easy.

    I was having a look at rare-rims - I'm not sure how big you wanted to go - but they offer the slips in 17 x 7.5 fully polished, and 17 x 8 fully polished also. Not sure if that's S2K staggered.

    I'm not sure that the first Silverstone I posted is on 17's though - I think they're poss 16's but the ride height could be throwing me off, along with the angle of the pic. I'm also not sure that this car is staggered rears either. Food for thought though blud.
    TBH mate, I don't have any more of that car - shame becuase it's one of those that looked 'normal' and is the same colour as yours - The others with Slipstreams/Regamasters I could find are extravagantly modded.

    Here's some pics all the same y0!.

    Polished FTW though.



    Yeah safe; i'll see what I have.

    Your second pic of the strakes wasn't showing earlier (I could only see the yellow one) - but they look sick now that I can see the other pic below it of the full car on black OEM 17's.
    You're talking to me man; so you know I'd love to see you build it. Just like the EP - OEMness FTW, with proper Aftermarket where it mattered - just like your EP.

    Them strakes are the sickness; tie in with the aero lip nicely.

    Re: V6 - Can see the appeal with the plant et al - but never been drawn to them.

    Build the S2K, you've got some goodies on her already - the summer is here also - and you got the other half's pug for the grind.
    Yeah bro. For sure - I love the skirts on that car - subtle, but they do a sick job of it. :cool:

    Sounds like a cnut man. I'd love for you to keep the S2K and work on it - work, what work? a set of wheels would finish it off nicely, at a minimum. I hear your situation though - plus going through cars you've always wanted, within reason - has got to be good fun.

    I just had a look at the S2 again - it is sick, and you're riding a similar height too; you know dis makes sense man.
    Saw this and thought of yours man.

    A nice set of Regas or Polished Slipstreams would look awesome on yours - you have the lip too, unlike the car below.

    Yeah can do the convoy mate, i can take the ice box in mine if you want but yeah can chuck a load of the stuff in mine. You know of anyone else coming up from our way?

    Just don't leave me behind mate!!
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