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    i'll take the k pro based on price. cash waiting
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    Check out dis http://type-r-owners.co.uk/forums/sh...da-Subscribers! didn't you subscribe?
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    I did wonder you missed some Lori Wales holiday bikini pics that I thought you might appreciate check the T&A thread
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    You still about?!?
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    Well, it appears my wheels need rebalancing. Some weights must have fallen off or it's down to my super budget tyres, because over 50mph I get severe wobble. And it's doing my fecking head in, so I dont really fancy travelling for 3 hours with intense steering wobble. It's really fecked me off tbh with you, as I dont really want to be spending out on anything
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    Mono tape deck pahaha. My god that car would actually be able to go in for classic car insurance too. Was it automatic? Could you see it on hydraulics?

    Second set of wheels, you buy them off ebay? Blimey, nice and sticky then. What colour you go for?

    Nah not yet, I cba to do anything yet I need to pull my finger out.
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    I picked it up and it has sat in my garage lol. Im yet to find a powder coaters or atleast ask my mate if he can spray it......I may possibly ask Halfrauds to mix me up an orange that takes my fancy and try it myself lol. I didnt seem to eager or anything, the lady who I work with hassled me to go get it lol.

    Yeah no news is good news. So what's this about you rolling in a Mitsi Galant, I sort of caught a few posts and you were talking about colours. It was like I was eaves dropping in a way haha.
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    That's good then, I bet she's lonely. I would hate to be that far away from my friends and family (not sure if she's closer or not actually lol). Either way you're still in contact, and that's all that matters.

    Not going to lie he sort of sounds like me as I would rather do something fun than unpack. Although I would pull my finger out and get it done and I wouldnt have the cheek to bitch about how untidy the place is

    How's the car coming along? My JDM RARB has arrived, although it's at work and I have the week off lol. It sort of feels wrong going into work when I'm not supposed to.
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    Yeah, well that's what I heard on the TV so don't take it as gospel. But I have allways thought about 15-20K seems about the right amount for a deposit on a 1/2 bed house (100-130k).
    Well she's lucky she did do that then, I be gutted to plough a load of my savings into a property with someone who I then found I couldn't live with. So is he treating her like crap?
    Fortunately me and my gf basically see each other everyday and it's down the gym after work and in the evenings. So you could essentially put us together on the times when we would be at the house together.

    She will do but atleast she's got off her high horse lol. But yeah it's good to keep the peace as you're practically in-laws
    How is your mum anyway? Have you spoke to your dad recently?
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    Part 2

    Yeah, I dont have a problem as I know she doesnt want to rely on her mum and doesnt like the idea of being at home in her twenties, eventhough Im happy to stay at home lol. She's after sharing with her mate (who I have allways clashed with, possible same personality as mine being strong will'd) but I could see Dom turning into a door mat taking aload of crap and doing all the chores. Eventually I would like to move in with her and get a house but I think renting first to see what it's like incase we dont get on, I'm just not ready as I would like more dosh (seeing that they reckon you need a 37k deposit on a house now)
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