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    EML Flicker

    Update: I went back to Eurospec a few weeks back, & they reloaded my map back onto the KPro. They reckon the map I had on their was not the same one as they'd tuned. There was a whole bunch of stuff turned off apparently. Anyway the EML still comes on, although not as much as before. I'm...
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    Need new pre facelift headlights

    I bought these 6 months ago, based on another member's recommendation. I've no regrets at all.
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    Ep3 feels unsteady at high speeds

    How much did that cost?
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    Supercharging fn2 type r

    Touch wood I haven't had any problems with my rotrex, although Ceri at Eurospec is on her 3rd or 4th :eek:
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    Supercharging fn2 type r

    Heard of them, but never heard of anyone who runs their s/c kit. I think a lot of people on here run either rotrex or Jackson racing. What made you look at kraftwerks?
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    tough decision fk2 or FK8

    Personally I can't split either based on looks. They are both outrageously in your face :twisted: & both insanely quick for a fwd hot hatch. If I was in your shoes I'd go for the latest fk8, as I think Honda improved on the performance even more.
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    17" Wheels on FN2

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    Brake Set-up for Track Days

    ^^The same DS2500, but for BBK) :mrgreen: I was hesitant based on my experience, but they were highly recommended for the BBK. I thought perhaps it might just have been a bad combination with the standard size stoptech slotted disks.
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    17" Wheels on FN2

    You'd have more tyre sticking out over the rim. I suppose despite gaining more tread this might also mean more tyre flex, which could actually make the handling worse. Not sure if braking would be better in a straight line though?
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    Brake Set-up for Track Days

    I could definitely recommend against DS2500 pads with stoptech slotted rotors on the front. After a few laps on these I would get really bad juddering under braking. In the end I had the front brakes replaced with stoptech BBK & Ferodo pads. Never regretted it. One of the best mods I've done...
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    Cosmic Ep3 with 48 k and a few mods

    Hey :smt039 Interested to know what's your RPM at 70mph?
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    Bulbs keep blowing - EP3

    I've had this problem on both my EP3's. Really annoying & £. I've noticed since having swapped the headlamps(due to condensation) with replacement items I brought off ebay I haven't had any more blown bulbs.
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    17" Wheels on FN2

    No idea if they'll fit, but personally, I would't go more than 215/40 on the EP3 rims.
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    EP3 Ep3 caliper colour

    Matte silver? Keep them looking more factory IMO.
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    The Official Dyno Chart Thread - NO CHAT

    Model Of Car: EP3 CTR Year Of Car: 2004 Mileage Covered: 70000 Flywheel BHP: 314 Torque: 250 Dyno Manufacturer: Dyno Dynamics Modifications: Rotrex s/c, restrictor, cat back, K-Pro & other breathing mods