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    EP3 Ep3 Moog Ball Joint Wrong Part No at ECP

    Just a heads up for anyone who may buy MOOG ball joints for EP3 from Euro Car Parts in future. If you search for part via reg plate on ECP site it actually gives you a ball joint that is incompatible with all EP models and is actually for a 95-01 CRV ECP part no: 617750477. Part that is needed...
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    EP3 Clutch Adjustment

    Just recently fitted a stage 4 Competition Clutch and MFactory LSD. The clutch was fine before hand but now the bite is very low, it engages and disengages fine but it is low. I got instruction to adjust the clutch pedal position after installing the clutch, but as my EP3 is RHD its nearly...
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    Need advice about humming/droning noise when i release the accelerator

    Hi am new to the forum and have only owned my 2002 civic type r for about a month. After going for a long drive last sunday i noticed as i came off the motorway that every time i changed down a gear the car was making a very faint humming/droning noise but as soon as i accelerated again the...